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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    " We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

    Remember Hitler Germany Brown Shirts, they that served as a National Civilian Police Force in Germany under Hitler ?

    You know, long ago I made mention to you Black Folks here in America of our need to organize ourselves into Militias, because as it stand now, we have no self defense against fascism and White Folks Tyranny in this country, meaning all of our Trust of self protection is depended upon America Military and its police force, now if that is not a position of vulnerability, then I do not know what is, concerning Black People in America not by Choice,

    But then who am I that only speak the Divine truth to Black Folks about Black Folks and Black Folks oppressors, that Divine Truth that rock and shatter the Afrikan American Dream about America, which cause those same Afrikan Americans to Despise the Divine Truth and Love to embrace the Profane Truth as told to Black Folks by those people with a history of despising, disrespecting, Lying, and Deceiving Black folks, in this World of Manifest illusions.

    Beloved, I am not your enemy, I am He who just point out to you, Black Folks Enemy, which you do not want to know, just to believe it is not as I am sharing with you to be and I understand your Spirit of today, and that is why you can not say anything to and about me that is of the Nature that the oppressors have taught you to say that affect me, when the Divine Truth is being shared with you about you and those that oppress us black Folks, and you have been conditioned to have no Want To Know the Divine Truth about your self..

    Oh, by the way, the quote above, well, it came from Brack Obama.

    I have often shared with you, when you do not Know and Understand, you set yourselves up to believe anything that is told to you by those people with a history of oppressing you, including your so call Afrikan American Leaders, yes, every Liar and Deceiver of Black People participate in Action as an oppressor, because where the Divine Truth is being suppressed, the Profane Truth is being addressed to you as being the Divine Truth and such action, is the action of the oppressors, be they White, Jewish, Arab or so call Black Afrikan.

    Now, it is obvious that I share information over these yahoogroups, not expecting anything of Divine Acceptance to come from many of the Afrikans in these groups, to accept with grace and Humility, so the Law of Average says that there are far more Afrikans that Read that which I share with the so call Black Afrikan World and do know and Understand that which I share with the Black World that extend beyond the membership of these yahoogroups, and because of that fact, it is why I must continue to share the Divine Truth as it is Revealed to me to share with the Melanin Divine Being, you now Transformed to become the Human Being Afrikan of today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    When a People has been made to become ignorant of whom they are, then such a people willingly position themselves in a prostrated Mental position to present their Mind as a sacrificial Lamb to all that the oppressors have to tell us Black People about the going and coming and do and don't about Life and because we no longer function in our Divine Mind, we have been made to become vulnerable to all of the Lies and acts of deceits that is overtly presented to be the Profane Truth and because we now Mentally lay Humbly prostrated before the Human Being Altar of Lies and Deceit, we now Live our Lives under the dictate of people with a historical Paradigm of nothing but Oppression, Repression and is the persecutors of the Life of the Black World, a Nation gone to become ignorant of the Self of their Lives.

    When you do not Know and Understand whom you are, then you can not give a **** about Whom you are, and with such a Sick Mind guiding your Life, the end result is just what you see of the condition of Afrika and of the once Divine Black Nation, now Split Asunder, Scattered To The Four Corners Of The World, been made to Despise the Divine Truth, because you no longer can recognize the Divine Truth, and that is why you can not imagine you Black People ever been Divine People, which mean no more than Living a Life that be in Harmony, Order, And Balance with the Spirit of the Universe, that which once served as the Master Teacher to our Ancient Cosmic Divine Melanin First Way Cosmic Ancestors, that part of our Lineage we have long forgotten and now know and understand Not about those Ancestors I now Resurrect to you so call Black Afrikan People, Mentally Vulnerable you have become.

    I am not permitted to be moved by such a vulnerable Mind, a Mind that teach to disrespect the Self of you black People today and the only come back you have in an effort to defy and discredit that which I share with you is what the Devil himself has taught you, which is to attempt to be insulting against the Divine Truth and the Master Teacher of that Divine Knowledge and Understanding of the Divine Truth, about the Divine Essence ( GOD ), the Universe, and the Self of you so call Black Afrikans, now to have been made Tribal People with all sorts of Belief which hinge upon that which the oppressors now teach to you about their God, , The Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit of the Human Being, Lucifer in Plain View, as they Mark the Divine Essence, The Universe, and your once Divine Melanin Self, you now to have taken on the persona of your Oppressors and all that they have taught you to believe about your Life.

    So the question is not whether or not we have become vulnerable, but how much vulnerable we have become to those with a history of oppressing us Black Folks, well, no better set of Empirical facts to verify the extent of our vulnerability to the Profane Truth as taught to us by Lucifer themselves, than the factual condition Afrika is in today and the Fact the Afrikan is no longer in Control of Afrika, and the Tribal Condition that the once Divine Being is now functioning , taking no thought of the Division of a once Great Divine so call Black Afrikan Nation, and now has the audacity to despise those that come sharing the Divine Truth about the Cause and Effect of the so call Afrikan being in such a vulnerable position and the raping ofAfrika by anybody that take pleasure in doing so, and you call that a sign of Afrikan intellectualism ?

    Can you Understand That, Beloved

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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