Black Spirituality Religion : How to Worship Jesus?

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    How to Worship Jesus?

    For ignorant people the personality of Jesus is a human being crying on the cross and shedding the blood. This personality will kindle the heart of any human being. Initially this will be the attraction for the beginners. But if you stick to this personality only, that body has gone once for all. You can now only worship an imaginary statute of His form on the cross. That human body will never appear again in the same physical level. For such ignorant people Jesus will never come again because the same physical body will never appear again. Only an energetic form can appear to the eyes for a few moments. If you say that you have seen the same physical body, now also, you cannot show it to others.

    When Jesus was alive and some one told "He is the Jesus", every visitor saw Him with his eyes. Now that same situation is not present. The real inner personality of Jesus is His divine knowledge, which is the Holy Bible. That divine knowledge is inseparable characteristic of the inner unimaginable God. Then that inner God comes in another human body. This divine knowledge appears again, as it is the inseparable sign of the God. Jesus is the inner personality for the realized scholars.
    Similarly the beautiful Krishna with flute attracts the beginners but His inner personality is His divine knowledge, which is Bhagavat Gita. When Jesus told that He will come again and Krishna told that he will come again and again whenever there is necessity that refers to the inner personality. The unimaginable God along with His inseparable sign, which is the divine knowledge, is coming again.

    This interpretation is reasonable. The inner God by himself is unimaginable or irrational and is beyond reason. When such inner God wants to give His experience to the human beings, He can not follow the irrational or unimaginable ways, in which case, He can not be experienced. The purpose fails. Therefore, the irrational God adopts rational procedures and enters rational medium to give experience to human beings. God is unimaginable but His experience should be imaginable. For this purpose He enters reasonable medium i.e., human body that can be seen and touched.

    Only the human body can live with us (Emmanuel) and we can clarify our doubts only with the human body. You blame me that I am introducing God in to human body, but what have you done? You have blended God with the human body of Jesus and say that only Jesus is God. You say that Jesus became alive again since the dead body disappeared. I agree. He might have controlled His life for some more time. It is against the rules of nature and science, if you say that the same physical body is alive even today. It is completely irrational because you should show the physical body of a person even to a non-believer. Now to avoid my argument you say that the rationality must be rejected. I apply the same argument even to the body of Krishna.

    It was cremated by Arjuna and can not return back. Of course the Lord can use His special power to make it permanently alive. But that will violate the rules of His own administration. All the rules in the creation are His rules only. No sensible administrator will violate his own rules, when an alternative is possible. The alternative is to come again in another human body. The body is like a shirt as told in Gita. The person is not the shirt and shirt is not the person. Gita says that the God is not modified into the human body (Avyaktam Vyakti Mapannam……). The person did not become the shirt but He wares the shirt as said in Gita (Manusheem Tanum …). The Lord wares the human body and does not become the human body. If you touch the shirt present on His body you are getting the experience of the inner body. Similarly the inner God gives His experience through the external body. You are blaming Me for introducing God into human body but you have made the God to become the very human body itself. You have made another mistake by saying that God is that particular human body only, called as Jesus.

    It is a mistake because in such a case when the human body is destroyed, God is not destroyed. The shirt is torn into pieces but the person is not cut. Recognition of this inner personality in all the shirts of various religions, which are various human incarnations, is universal spirituality.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony

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    Worship Jesus?
    How about worship the Father in Heaven, and honor the Son as you would the Father. Since worship is somewhat of a tricky word, I think one should be careful when using it toward anyone other than the Father, because some might call it idolatrous.

    But what we can do of both Father and Son is believe, have faith, and trust, because it requires to have this in both for it to have meaning to either.

    Since they are one, we couldn't just be one way toward the one in faith, but not the other. For it's the Sn who justifies us before the Father for His sacrifice, and the Son who was resurrected the 3rd day confirming in us all His life eternal that He promises to us, and none are before the Father save the Son, and so everything toward His Beloved that we feel or don't feel is before the Father also. And all we feel in the Father, is felt in His Beloved and Holy Anointed Son our Savior.
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    Do Christian people generally, you specifically believe everything in the Bible is TRUTH just because LET THERE BE LIGHT is very very profoundly TRUE [as highlighted by easily verifiable scientific data]; being so proficient a biblical scholar can YOU also answer the question that usually gets me labelled as a heretic/tell all of US which of the 50 English translations of the Bible is correct/literally the Creator’s words, as opposed to the [manipulative outpourings of the Roman Catholic Church/People Control Machine monolith] Old Testament/Torah viewing/centering CREATION and the Creator around the Jews/their worldview, with the New Testament also being very very efficiently being morphed by the Romans [Emperor Constantine specifically] blending Mithraism with the Christian faith so as to avert a civil war between the two factions destroying the Roman empire?

    Why not just look up Emperor Constantine’s Ecumenical conclave at Nicene/the source of the Nicene Creed after which Yeshuah was transformed from a fundamentalist Jew/Essene [with hair like lambs wool and skin like burnished brass/so where/how do the blue eyed Teutonic Blonds depicted iconically in Christian Churches fit that description] very stoically resisting Roman occupation of his homeland, to the sacrificial lamb for ALL of Humanity’s sins [or are you unaware that Mithraism included human sacrifice] born of a virgin [a fable inconvenienced by the Dead Sea scrolls highlighting that he had elder siblings] along with the subsequent appearance of the even more bizarre trinity concept [isn’t the Father Son and Holy Ghost a New Testament construct] or maybe you can explain why or how the allegedly holy Communion isn’t a far from subtle hybrid of ritual cannibalism and vampirism?

    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?