Black Spirituality Religion : How to Study Kemet with Primary & Archaeological Evidence: Karnak Temple

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    Any serious study of the Kemetic sciences necessarily begins with understanding that Black Women are at its core. Black Woman is to Kemet what the awesome (Queen) honeybee is to the honeycomb: essential.

    The following discussion is from Forum 36/Spring 2010 and it is superimposed over personal footage from Karnak Temple (also known as the ancient city of Thebes).

    Linguistically, Thebes is traced to express Black Women or Queens or First Motha.

    As we are having our discussion, be mindful that even some who have seen the evidence first hand often times don't get it right regarding the Black Woman-Kemetic linear. So then those methods of paperwork, internet searches and assumptions to explain this awesome science contribute virtually little when it comes to a proficient study of the ancient sciences.

    Wikiped and other on-line "sources" will not tell you how great Black Women are.

    This meeting room, as well as other forthcoming posts including those here now like Medinet Habu, Dendara and The Perfection of Black Women will be used interchangeably to extrapolate how researchers can come to understand the essence of Kemet and other great nations of antiquity which were begun, maintained and cultivated by Black Women.