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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — How much does your smartphone know about you? Have you ever thought about what could happen if that information got into the wrong hands?

These days our phones are practically attached to our hip, and your smartphone may be tracking your every move without your realizing it.

"If someone lost their cell phone and a person was able to get that they would be able to know where you live, what time you are there, look through this history and know your habits, when you're at work," said Wildman.

All because of one option on smartphones and what's turned on under it.

"It's uploaded instantly say through the cloud straight into the servers to see where their users are at and what they are doing and they claim it's for marketing purposes," said Wildman. "But many things that are for marketing purposes can be exploited in the hands of a hacker or data thief that may want to get a hold of where they are."

"The worst part about it is it defaults to that, so it's not like the person decided they wanted to be tracked. It's that the assumption is they do want to be tracked," said Wildman.

"So what can a consumer do to be able to prevent that?" asked Davenport.


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