How to sit on your Butt and shape it

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    Okay, So i have to admit it even though i am a mere 21 years old Ya girl got cellulite. After my first baby i lost weight now that my fiance and i are working on our second, Baby girl got saddle bag syndrome among other things. I was a size 14, thick tall and proud lord knows them 14s tight in the hips now. Well I was told by a friend about this pillow that actually shapes your butt and all you have to do is....."sit on it" Your butt that is. So i'm thinking to myself Excersise.....Pillow. Pillow.......excersise okay i give pillow. Lord knows being six months pregnant i'm not about to do sqats to firm my caboose.
    Its called the "Bottom Reformulator Pillow" and can be found at, Also if you go you can see this little wonder pillow and much more. Okay I admit it i love me some tyra show you should tune in too if you arent already.
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    Ut un Sister Beauty! The idea of a pillow that can firm you butt while you sit, is so amusing to me. :laugh: It just sounds histerical and the name of it...Whew...Bottom my best terminator accent.RoTF

    I don't believe that thang would do much for me..Anywho...

    :wave:Welcome to Destee's Sister!
    Congratulation on the New Little Beauty..... Arriving soon.:luvv: