Brother AACOOLDRE : How to set up the police

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    By Andre Austin

    If you suspect that the police are conducting illegal activities against you your first weapon is gathering intelligence on them. Yes knowledge is power, and you have to learn how to use their own techniques and reverse it upon them.

    You must learn the Art of War, learn your enemy’s appetite and feed it against them. For example, let me tell you a little story of how the ancient Egyptians caught their crocodiles. Herodotus reports:

    “The modes of catching the crocodile are many and various. I shall only describe the one, which seems to me most worthy of mention. They bait a hook with a chine of pork and let the meat be carried out into the middle of the stream, while the hunter upon the bank holds a living pig, which he belabors. The crocodile hears its cries, and making for the sound, encounters the pork, which he instantly swallows down. The men on the shore haul, and when they have got him to land, the first thing the hunter does is to plaster his eyes with mud. This once accomplished, the animal is dispatched with ease, and otherwise he gives great trouble”.
    After reading this work I decided to find myself a greasy pig I could offer as a sacrifice against illegal police tactics. I’ve learned that police officers have taking notes from FBI director Hoover COINTELPRO program against black America. Once a person is on the police/political radar screen they will begin the process of compiling tons of information on you. This dossier file consists of financial, personal habits, work habits, psychological strengths and weakness for analytical study. Sometimes they fear the public by staged series of hoaxes. After fear is induced the public demand the desired police action they want to use on you. Sometimes they will cut off your electricity then begin their campaign of propaganda of distorting and demonizing their targets. When they slander you they don’t want you to communicate so they cut out your tongue/speaking ability. Just the same way they execute phony witches/wizards by cutting out their tongues before they burn them on a stake. The police also perform shuttle diplomacy, which consists of misrepresenting two or more persons with the aim of sparking a conflict of war. The FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover (resurrected in the form of Ascroft), America’s flattest feets issues out this statement:

    “The purpose of this new counterintelligence endeavor is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist…their leadership, supporters, spokesmen…promptly take advantage of all opportunities for counterintelligence and to inspire action in instances were circumstances warrant. The pernicious background of such groups, their duplicity, and devious maneuvers must be exposed to public scrutiny where such publicity will have a neutralizing effect. Efforts of various groups to consolidate their forces or recruit new or youthful adherents must be frustrated. No opportunity should be missed to exploit through counterintelligence techniques the organizational and personal conflicts of the leadership of the groups…capitalize upon existing conflicts between competing Black nationalist organizations…through the cooperation of established local news media contacts or through such contact with sources available to the seat of government, in every instance careful attention must be given to the proposal to insure the targeted group is disrupted, ridiculed or discredited through the publicity and not merely publicized”.
    Knowing that the police operate with trying to get individuals and groups to be at each other throats I decided to play them at their own game. The plan was to purposely say something negative about a person and hope that person would respond. The response from the other person would be the evidence that the police were running a silly surveillance operation of trying to get individuals to fight each other. Once the other side finds out you said something negative against them you must quickly get back to them and explain that they were just bait (a greasy pig) to set up the police (the crocodile).

    Hopefully exposure to the media wizards will bring an end to the police reign of terror. Hopefully they will cease and desist of their unnecessary attacks. I don’t want to see them not suspended or amended but ended. We have many law books against these illegal acts but they are left unenforced rotting and collecting dust. Will this be the end or will the police get the last word. The police and the white power structure ideal Blackman is one who does exactly as he is told. They will not rest until you surrender or do as your told, but I haven’t been given any instructions. So I must continue to tell the truth against all of the evil Crocodiles. Will they get caught in their own vomit? The truth has the potentially of being electric and it spreads, spreads, spreads. No problem can be solved in isolation, therefore confront the crocodile with massive embarrassment with a little taste of his own medicine.

    Note: “If you suspect anybody in your army of giving the enemy intelligence of your designs, you cannot do better than to avail yourself of his treachery by seeming to trust him with some secret resolution which you intend to execute, while you carefully conceal your real design; hence, you may perhaps discover the traitor and lead the enemy into an error that may possibly end in its destruction” The Art of War Niccolo Machiavelli