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    There are as many definitions of "Life" as there are those who live it. We don't all seek out these definitions, nor live by them- yet our discoveries are usually somewhat the same.

    We seek Meaning.

    And without Meaning, "Life" is a hopeless journey of distractions and shortlived pleasures.

    Saving a "Life" can be as extreme as saving someone from drug abuse - a burning building - or as spiritual and metaphysical as saving someone from the concept of Death.

    In this discussion- we will deal with the concept of Death, and why its this concept that helps to determine the volume of our Life experiences.

    Religion and Spirituality is usually an attempt to define or bring meaning to our Lives. In actuality these spheres of thought try to deal directly with the concept of Death, and to answer Huemankind's most aggravating question -

    Where will I go when I die?

    Recently at this forum, a number of us have shared spiritual experiences under the post about "Dreams and Astral Projection" - when this material is understood completely it can lead to a rise or leap in consciousness. I've experienced such a leap-

    And since Destee is an instrument, to which intelligent minds can gather together and share a collective voice - this same energy can be used- to save Lives.

    We are all search for Meaning....sometimes we find it within a passing moment, within a book- a poet, a painting, a song- a dream...a forum

    Last night in a dream.... I was filled with Meaning and Life, and I finally found the answer to my own aggravating Question. It was a Question that so many of us ask and perhaps we all find our own answer, something that is pleasing to our understanding and level of consciousness.

    What is the purpose of Life?

    I saw a Divine source of Power, a large planet or Sun emitting rays of gold and silver. And while the sight was too tremendous for me to bare, a part of me already knew and understood what I was standing in front of. The Supreme Mathematician, The Grand Mother and Father of the Universe, whatever name I could imagine it didn't compare to the experience of being a part of, and composed by something that wasn't demanding worship or prayer or my complete obedience.

    Such a force seemed to be too concerned with its own awareness to be distracted by mine.

    And even more than that brief interpretation of a life changing event- The Supreme Power wanted to laugh, by making me laugh- smile by making me smile. And it was there I found the perfect opportunity to ask the Question that has led me my entire life.

    What is the purpose of Life?

    And without any hesitation, without calamity in time or space, without interruption from random moments coming into being- the force said:

    To find your own place within eternity.

    And perhaps I've heard this before, but it never made as much sense as it does now.

    It was thereafter that so much began to make sense about life, the metaphysical as well as the physical. We are here to find out what we will do with all our time in eternity, and we continue to return until we figure that out.

    Now that idea would be difficult for those submerged in spiritual lies to understand. Its difficult for such people to understand why we reincarnate, or even why we don't and can't die at all. And thus, any conversation about Life after Death becomes their own personal struggle with beliefs taught to them by Man, verses Truths taught to us by Life.

    You see "Life" doesn't need any saving at all, its we who are trapped in Lies who need the saving.

    Life has never taught us anything called Death.

    Everything is Life reincarnates. Every tree, every piece of fruit, every seed- returns over and over again. Who has ever mourned a dead tree? And even animals don't become extinct they evolve.

    So are we really here to find out own place within eternity? Don't all the miracles we attribute to our singular Gods belong to those who have gone before us who are still working behind the screen of reality?

    And what happens when we do find "our own place?"

    Do the Musical Masters become mathematicians of sound that help in the building of Planets and Nebulas. Do our Dancers train the movement of the solar system? Do our Master Thinkers and Speakers become Designers of quantum waves that make up the psychic network between past present and future?

    Many will say such things are impossible. When we die, we remain in nothingness, and there is nothing more to experience.

    Life beyond Death is too fantastic a dream to imagine...and to such minds I say, the same details that make Life without a body impossible would also make Life inside a body impossible.

    Its a miracle to be able to experience Life "inside" a body, not the other way around.

    How to Save a Life:

    1. Remove the illusion of death.

    You cannot know the Earth until you become one with the Earth, and you cannot know the Universe until you become one with the Universe, and the Universe does not die.

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    How to Save our lives-Destroy the False Image-Human being Only mentality

    :SuN030: Beloved KgMW MetaSaience:SuN030:

    Again thank you for your Divine Insight, and allowing me to in your Divine Space.

    WARNING! This missive is rated T & R (Truth and Reality). It may not be be suitable for the Human being Mind-set.

    The Human Being have the capability to understand/over stand the Divine Mind-set.

    What do the people continue to do? They beg, demand...and then some, for some more of Human Rights, that funky stuff, as though Human Rights is the best thing happening. Human is the poison that causes the Mass Destruction of people who are Divinely Spiritually DEAD. CORPSE (Hon Mumia)

    What our people should be doing is Knowing Thy self as Divine soul, and Be that Divine Soul and the Human being will, from what has been revealed to me, and what I have witnessed in my own life style living, automatically give our people all that they took from us because the Human Being would then see that we are back in our Right mind, and the Human Being will know that a Divine people is not to be touched because A Divine people have the Forces and Laws of the Cosmic Ethereal Universe and Nature within them and protecting them, and the Human Being knows that, that forces is not to be reckon with. The Human Being tells us if we desire what they took from us, we must take It from them. What the Human being is saying, take back our right Divine mind-set, and all that they stole from us will be added to us...and then some. Just that simple. At the present time the way we are, we do not even act like we desire to be in our right mind and afraid of the word DIVINE. How do we know that living a Divine life is the right way and the answers to our problems? Have most of us even attempted to live Divinely? If so, you have been in the circle of Truth and you would have sense rightness. Failing to remain in the Circle of Truth takes us back to our Grave Human being mind-set. How do we know what will not work if we do not try It/Do It? Why we will not Live Divinely Right? We are afraid of our true selves. If we understand the beginning well, the end will not trouble you. (Ashanti)

    Even a child when they are disobedient does not deserve a reward for disobedience. Disobedience is to not desire to know Truth and reality.

    In a Nutshell. People Be your once Divine selves, and the enemies will become our footstool. Bloodshed can be avoided when we are in our Divine mind, defeating ALL enemies, without us physically touching them. If we do not, the Human being foot will continue to constantly step on our head where the Mind is that is suppose to be the Master Key to Our Temple Domain (conscious/subconscious), our mental servants waiting to serve us, the ungrateful people most of us are.

    RIGHT NOW Black people: Apologize and ask the mind to forgive us for abusing and misusing it, if your EGO -Evil Going On in it will allow you to do so. If EGO is in the apology and asking for forgiveness it is a unDivine I am SORRY request. Say what we mean and mean what we say. Anything in between what we say is the Author of Confusion speaking to us, the PALLBEARER call beliefs, doubts, waivers, ifs, ands, buts, maybe, can't, don't and won't that lives in a Corpse mind-set the Human Being mind-set is.

    Our people must (action) word stop making claim that they are only human. Hell, that is exactly what the Human Being wants to hear, because now you are made in the Human Being (His) Image, and the Human Being can do as they will to All who claim to be like them. You are one of us now they say. Do as we say. Act as we say. We cannot defeat the Human Beings (enemies) when we claiming to one. Beloved Ones, we are not made in the Human Being (His) Image. We are Made in Divine Image. Bruce Lee movie. When we destroy the false illusion image, we can defeat the enemies.

    The false Image (human being) we operate in must (action) word be destroyed within us so we can live. The human being image is a Mental Illness, and a Grave one at that, those of us who make claim to be, Human only. We are not in our right mind-set Beloved Ones.
    I forgot the artist who sang the song, Yes I think I am going out of my head over you. I think it was Little Anthony and the Imperials.

    Beloved Ones, the operable word is THINK. Getting the Human Only mind-set out of out head is the Divine thing to do, and it does requires THINKING. No Thoughts, No Thinking, No Divine Times. We are not where we need to be because We do not Will ourselves to be there.

    Child: Dad. What is Divine?
    Dad. UM! Son, I don't know, go ask your mother.
    Child: Mother, what is Divine?
    Mother: Um! Son, I don't know. Go ask your father.
    Got the child going in Circles. One of two things can happen.

    1. The child seeks the answer in the street from the Human being, and the human Being of course is not going to tell the child about Divine unless it is call a street Drug. Now the Human being can capture the child and make this child in his own image, because the parents sent the child to the Human Being slaughter, because they the parents did not know Truth and reality.

    2. The child continues to Ask, Seek, and Knock for the definition of Divine, and when the child finds out the answer, ask/tells the parents they are not Being Divine people. The parent then tells the child they do not know what they are talking about, and get out of their presence with that foolishness, and will go so far to discipline the child for telling them the Truth and reality. Someone please, hurry, give me a millstone for these type of parents, so that their head and mind can be adjusted. They are the true terrorist/killers of our Black children, using the Human Being Mind the weapon and tool that has destroyed many of us. The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. (Ashanti of Ghana). Chinese Proverb: Money can buy a house, but not a Home. We must see our Minds as a Home, where the building blocks to life that Divine Image built or death is, the House that the Human being built.

    Out of the mouth of Babes: You know, when the ancestors take over you just can't stop them when they do something (seven year old goddess Autum Ashante). Once an adult, twice a child. Do we need a child like mind to over stand that which we need to know? Are we so called Grown people, those who are not willing to know more than that we already know, which is nothing, if we are not growing people, open minded to know that which we are yet to know? Each generation enters this world with an explanation of what is, that is not, and when we do not listen to the children and the period behind their comments and questions, we Behead the Black family. Some parents say to the Inquisitive child. As long as you are in my house, you will do as I say. When we as parents, are not operating in Truth and reality, is the parent saying pick up my Human being Workers of Iniquities mind-set and follow me into the Land of Ignorance? How did we get whacked? How did our children get Whacked? It did not come from our First Way Divine Ancestors Mind-set, but our Second Way Ancestors who remained part of the Human being Fall mind-set. We cannot afford to be like the Second Way Ancestors. We must get in contact with our First Way Divine Way Ancestors mind-set so that the we can live.

    We are to know the functions of the Human being mind-set. Are we suppose to respect the Human Being Mind-set, and those who operate in that Mind-set coming from our people? At what point are we are suppose to come out from and Be Ye separate from the human Being mind-set. NOW.

    Our father and mother who Art/Are Not on Earth/Universe (consciously). MIA's- Missing In Action (consciously) and POWS Prisoners of Wars (Consciously). DEAD BEAT Parents refusing Divine Child Support, nurturing, and protection by not providing them the weapons of Truth and reality that which will serve as their weapons and shields from the Human Being (enemies). All our children ask of us is that we tell them the Divine Truth, and we can not even do that and Be the Divine Truth. We need a millstone around our necks for not doing so.

    A child can not get no respect and answers. Sleep is the cousin of death. (Congo).
    Street Drug dealer and addict conversation:
    Addict (Human being): Yo man, you got some of that Corpse only Human being mentality stuff for the head?

    Drug Dealer (Human Being): Yeah man, I got some Human Being stuff that will wipe everything you desire to forget out of you mind. You You can't find this Human Being Drug, Ignorance, the drug of choice, no where else but on Planet earth.

    Addict (Human Being: Yo Man, you ain't Jiving me are you?

    Drug Dealer (Human Being): Nah Homie, would I do that to you? (Liar the human being is). YO Homie, this is the Unreal stuff everybody is asking for.

    UNreal: Not real or substantial; illusory.

    Barbra Streisand song: The Way We Were. Memories can be beautiful, and yet what is too painful to remember we choose to forget.

    We must recall who we were once, and what happen to us, regardless of how painful for us to know. No PAIN. No Gain. Oh if we could get a glimpse of our Once Divine selves, and see what the Human Being did to cause us to forget who we were Once.

    I was driving behind a pick up truck one day and on the back of the truck there was a sign that read: DO THE PLANET A FAVOR AND KILL YOURSELF. UM!. Knowing there is a reverse side to the reverse side and there is a message in that, I allowed my mind to wonder into the Abyss of Infinity, where it is real to get a revelation of what this sign meant.

    Now a non thinking person would may have some serious issues in their lives may take that literally and kill them selves. It was revealed to me (below), and others may see a different revelation of what that sign is saying.

    What I know about the Human Being, and its claim to be born in Sin, workers of Iniquities, anti-nature, anti-life, anti-truth, Workers of the Iniquities (evil) jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusion...and the likes of with in the Human being, I began to Think. Looking at this sign message, it was revealed to me that when we kill the Human Being mind-set within us, we will be vital and essential to Planet earth, because we will begin to live Divinely and we will be doing the planet Justice/favor. Destroying this human Being Image, will allow Afrika to be born again, and should be Our Black Afrikan mission assignment. We will never know how to Live Divinely until we know know how to die of the Human Being mind-set.

    Beloved Ones, the Human being is a Drug Dealer, and its whole purpose is to wipe our Original Mind-set completely out of us causing us to have no memory/remembrance of who we once were as Divine Deities, gods, and goddesses, by transferring their Human Being mind-set into ours.

    The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. (Ashanti of Ghana). It is my desire to round up All our sick people, and that is many, put them All-in a padded wagon, in a padded cell, with a straight jacket on them, and shower them with Loving Harmony, Order, and Balance until it choke the hell (evil) out of them, and bring them back to their once Divine way of life that they are meant to live.

    Now you get what you want, do you want more? You think it is the end, but it is just the beginning. (Hon Bob Marley). The human being says, You do not know the plans I have for you.

    Keep on acting like a Human being and taking the children to the slaughter, by teaching them that they are only humans too. Parents stop being the children enemies.
    We have been warned people. Sleep is the cousin of death (Congo). He who asks questions, cannot avoid the answers (Cameroon). Ask, Seek, Knock (within) for the answers to what a Human Being is. Research, compile, and file the information in your mind, because knowing your enemies and how to counterattack them with (Truth), and just by being your Divine self will make us unconquerable/untouchable. Find out what Divine Is, and compare the two and then you will see which is which, and you make the decision to Be or not to Be one or the other. Our Birth right is to Live Divinely right not Human Only.
    Beloved Ones, this is the way we celebrate the JEW-JEW- Lie/July 4th. Starting today, July 4, 2007, go fetch your mirror and see your Divine self, step out of the Human being mind. Stop as David Icke said, taking the Blue pill wake up and believing any and everything. Take the red pill and allow your mind to go into Wonderland, like Chief Osiris always says, the Abyss of Infinity, where Divine information is, so we can know the Is and the Is not. Julian Marley: If we think that this is all there is to life, we are crazy. Human Being crazy I say.

    Hon. Bob Marley: There is a Natural Mystic blowing in the Air, and if you listen you will hear.

    Truth and reality that is blowing in the Air. Look at the words LISTEN and HEAR. Is Truth and reality blowing in your mind Now beloved Ones? If not we are CORPSE (Hon. Mumia), (Imbeciles (Hon. Garvey).

    Two realities (physical and Ethereally Divinely Spiritually). Reverse to the reverse side, reverse Psychology: NOW, NOW, NOW, is the time to Spiritually Intercourse with Truth and reality, and allow Truth and reality to Intercourse our minds, so that we can collectively reach our Ultimate Climax (Divine State of Mind)
    Intercourse definition:
    1. Dealings or communications between persons or groups.
    2. Sexual intercourse.
    intercourse synonyms
    the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals: communication, communion, intercommunication. Obsolete: converse1. See knowledge
    Masturbate definition: To perform an act of masturbation.
    Masturbate our minds with Knowledge, Over standing and wisdom, from mental slavery, the Human being mind-set.
    Ultimate: Of the greatest possible size or significance; maximum: Has the ultimate Divine Mind-set been found?
    b. Representing or exhibiting the greatest possible development.
    c. Utmost; extreme
    Climax definition
    1. The point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series or progression; a culmination.
    a. A series of statements or ideas in an ascending order of rhetorical force or intensity.
    a. A moment of great or culminating intensity, especially the conclusion of a crisis.
    b. The turning point in a plot or dramatic action.

    Climax synonyms noun The highest point or state: acme, apex, apogee, crest, crown, culmination, height, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, top, zenith.

    Aren't we in a crisis? The churches are afraid to use these words, and that is because they deal with a spirituality that deals strictly with the the mind and body only (fleshly) confusion, the human being mind-set, and not the Soul-Mind where All Divine Information flows.

    If we do not tap into our other Ethereally Divine reality NOW, we will continue to be pimped and prostituted with the Human Being Whore mind-set.

    If this Human Being land mind-set, the mind-set full of Maggot beliefs/believing, never advancing beyond Beliefs/believing into the Divine Knowing, is the only only Home-Mind we know, and we do not care to know from where and who we once were before the fall into Humanity, we are a Human Beings (full of foul stack of stench), and our so called teaching others is in Vain human being Glory, selfishness and a waste of Energy. We are comfortable, complacent, and have no complaint, living outside of our Original Natural Divine mind-set environment, constantly and consistently living in a Hog/Pig/Maggot mind-set, and we are not any earthly/Universal good. We are killing all those around us because we are fearful of the Knowing so we can continue to keep growing (consciously/subconsciously). Just let me live in Lies and deception and denial we are actually saying. We are Fakers, and Great Pretenders, Human Being Bred-inside.

    Become Lovers of Divine Words that has Power in them, Be and allow those Powerful words excite us to ejaculate/vacate the human being mind-set out of us so we can erect to our highest Divine mind-set. Come alive People, so and we can return back to the place we were Born, our right mind-set, to begin to Live the life we were meant to Live, with Harmony, Order, and Balance, Simply Divine that is. If Truth and reality do not excite us, we are Corpses (Hon Mumia)

    The Ruins of a people begins and ends in the mind of the people. We as black people aren't where we should be because we refuse to THINK Divinely Right. We are enjoying the Human Being Only mind-set, BIG BAD Wolf tearing our Home-Mindset down and allowing the Big Bad Wolf to have its way, and once the Big Bad Wolf Human being mind-set is in our Home-mind. Then we say to the Human Being Big Bad Wolf, while you are having your way with me, go help your self to my daughters and sons, and when you are finished with them, we will birth a new generation for you to have your way with them too. We cannot point the finger at people who seek Psychiatrist help, because truly sick people will do just that. It is the ones who are sick and live in denial of their sickness that do not seek help. People who seek psychiatrist help is not seeking that help for themselves alone. They are taking the mind-set of the community, tribe, and village madness into therapy, for we are all interconnected.

    We need some serious help if we are operating in the Human Being mind-set. Truth and reality will set us free, the Divine Physician within.

    Let me help us get started on our Divine way to a New Black Afrikan mind-set, the aura of mandrakes, frankincense, and Myrrh.

    How can we tell if we are Human Beings and living in the Human Being mind-set of a Human Being?

    Take a Long look at the leaders in Afrika, and europeans, and there you will see what a Human Being is, that is not Divine. The actions of a Human Being is right smack dab in our face and yet we pretend the human being is something to be honored and we make false claims to be one.

    In other words, when we have excrement (human beings) conduct and behavior right in front of our face, we can not pretend it is a pieces of pie or cake, and go along like we are a Bag of Chip and Dip, when all we who is honored to be a Human being Only is Corpses (Hon Mumia). Take a bath or shower in some Bar-B-Que sauce because we are already of the Rotissier/Rotten-tissier of Ignorance.

    Most of the black Afrikans are the world Largest/Biggest LIARS. Why? If we do not know our Divine roots, our Once Divine way, Knowing and Being Truth and reality, we are LOST LIARS.

    Are we living in Divine Truth and reality? There is the answer.

    How I spent JEW JEW Lie, July 4th? Sharing Truth and reality the Divine gifts.

    I know how to build, because I know how to Live in the many houses in my Mansions (Conscious/Subconscious levels), My servants.

    I have nothing to give my people but the Truth Serum, which is in the Streets in our conscious/subconscious in all of us.

    Beloved Ones, please do not wrestle and Box with Truth, because that is a losing battle. If there is a complaint about what I have shared, please file your complaint in the Cosmic Ethereal Universe, where the human Being has no rule and reign, the Court that is Above ALL there Is, and Is not.

    Beloved Ones, let me share with what many do not know so that you can as Hon. Bob Marley said: Get up, Stand up, Stand Up for your right.

    Beloved Ones: We weren't Born In Sin. Another Human being LIE filled with beleifs/believing. We was Sinned Against. Get It Beloved ones. Sinned Against. The Sin is having the Human being mind-set.

    Now is that enough for your to Get up, Stand up, Stand Up for your right to get back in your right Divine mind-set. If not, I do not know what else to tell us. If knowing that is not enough for us to do that which is Divinely right, all I can say is. I will look for you in the whirlwind (Hon. Garvey). I will keep looking for you to arrive on the frontier of the future on the outskirts of the City of Eternity, the other side of the Human Being Mind-set set madness, where there is Harmony, Order, and Balance, a Divine right mind-set.

    There we have it. Another Bridge over trouble minds crossing, United States, Its Time to unite missive. We have been warned beloved Ones.

    The Human being do not realize that there are other people on earth that are different from them, the Divine Thinkers who can see evil in the Marrow of their bones and even in the way the Human Being writes.

    Truth will offend the Human being mind-set, because the Human being mind-set does not over stand the Divine mind-set. (Isis/Asuet) (same)

    I Am still learning. I Am Loving CHANGING :SuN030:

    Late Entry: To stay and operate in the Human Only mind-set is no different than a pathological Liar mind-set, because they, the pathological and the Only Human being mind-set truely believe that they are operating in Truth and reality. Their Truth is false realities and illusion. NOTE: Belief. Keep moving consciously/subconsciously and please do not stay in belief/beleive, people. Expereince the Oneness in the Freedom of KNOWING.
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    True words of Wisdom Goddess!

    Its a very powerful thing when we can allow the Divine to work with us and within us, especially when we write.

    As always, I hope your words are never in vain.

    We have a choice-
    we can be Divine and conquer, or we can be "Divided" and perish.....

    I enjoy being the flavor of the Earth, we are the Keepers, and we bear the burden of truth and mysteries. They are all in us.

    We are dark because all living things hide their most precious valuables in "dark" places- even the intelligence that operates The ALL.

    Rasul's Drum

    Rasul was born to a family of fishermen. Most of them lived on or near the rivers of west Africa. Rasul's Father was not a fisherman however, but a drum maker. His Mother was a basketweaver. The Elders of the land always considered Rasul, "special" - he did not move or act like the other children.

    And from the age of 3, he did nothing but tap his Father's drum, forcing his Father to eventually make him one of his own, despite his tiny hands.

    The other children would laugh a Rasul, as he walked around in the yard, dragging his drum. He would sit below a tree and try to mock what the birds were saying to one another. The Elders watched him carefully, Rasul was truly a very different child. Not filled with wonder and curiosity like most children, he seemed too convinced for a boy that young.

    One day, all of the Men in the village were asked to go out on the boats to help the others with the Fish, it was predicted to be a big catch that day. Even Rasul's Father went out to help.

    The Men went out early in the morning when the Sun had just risen. By Noon, the Men had not returned, this was rare. Some of the Wives felt something was wrong, or that since some Men were untrained Fishermen it was taking them longer than usual.

    The Evening was coming, and more and more Women and even the children began to worry. Rasul dragged his little drum to the shore line where the Men would push out their boats into the water. And he rested himself by the rocks, allowing the waters to tickle his tiny feet.

    He started to play his drum. He played it harder and harder for everyone to hear. The Elders came out of their homes to hear him, and they surrounded him to watch in wonder. The Eldest among them said they felt a spirit coming from the boy, a spirit that was long lost from the people and was now returning.

    For hours he played, non-stop- until suddenly just as darkness was coming- the boats of the Fishermen appeared.

    The people cheered for them as they landed their boats on shore and drug out net after net full of fish. The Women were so worried and wanted to know what happened. They said the boats had drifted off too far into the sea, they were so far off course they became totally lost. But the Men heard Rasul's drum, and followed the sound until they found their way back.

    When the Elders heard this story, some of them felt some falsehood was at work. How did you hear his drum all the way out in the sea? No one could answer that, but everyone on the boats were witnesses to hearing it.

    Rasul's Father grabbed him and kissed him, and thanked his Wife and the Ancestors for sending them a beautiful guide and Messenger.

    The very next day, Rasul was right back at the shoreline again, playing his drum. His tiny hands barely covering the surface, yet his mind fully attending the the rhythm coming from his hands.

    The Elders began saying he was using his Drum to talk to God or the spirits of the Earth. But when they would ask Rasul, why are you still playing near the water, all the Fishermen have already returned home and are safe.

    He would say back to them, but there are still so many more still lost at sea.

    Thank you for voice Goddess- you are an inspiration to us all!
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    This was powerful......wish i had the opportunity to even dream this.........

    Thx for sharing this as well as all of your insight and experiences....

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    :qqb023:Beloved KgMw MetaSaience
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :SuN030:
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    I can't find words to descibe the above wisdom but it would be something like 'incredible' times 1000 or even more precise 'profound' squared to the last number before infinity. sry thats all I can come up but more importantly I'm going to put your insight to use. :em17: :welldone: :qqb014: :qqb025: :SuN035: :SuN012: :em3700: :qqb004: :em4000: :qqb003: :SuN034: :toast:

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    Peace Destee Fam! What's better than experiencing such knowledge? Being among those who can decipher it!

    I'm guessing that many of us are at the stage where all the information we take in should be used in some way to uplift our mental and spiritual health.

    I often wonder if that is the nature of Black people in general? Because even "getting high" is an attempt to "get over" on some mental condition.

    We are evolved enough to understand the importance of mental and spiritual health, yet in many cases we are deceived by what that medicine should look and feel like.

    I read between the lines, and some of you are saying - There are allot of similarities between Crack and Christianity...and its not because they both begin with C.

    We assume either one will bring us closer to God. But we get high to escape reality, not embrace it. Just like many of us go to Church. To escape a reality.
    If we sing and praise loud enough, we might forget the hell we are living outside. The dealers on the corner. The perversions in the community.

    So this is another level of what the concept of death does to us. We ignore the things we can easily change, because we accept that death will change these conditions for us. Really?

    Such would be the belief of the current administration. Let's kill millions of people in Iraq, rid the world of these Terrorists. Bring Death to them, before they bring Death to us.

    Death only inspires Life. And the more people who are killed and murdered in cold blood, the more souls who will wait for them on the other side. See- we compose our own spiritual prisons or paradises, with all that we do - right here right now.

    Who waits for us? Who waits for you?

    In the case of War, it is better to fight battles as our African Warriors did. Face to Face, Shield to Shield. Stare your Enemy in his eyes. Reward him with the force of your bravery, and let him decide on his own that you will be the one to free him from the burden of this world. He will make such a decision, by becoming weak to your advances, and he will go with honor. He will learn a lesson, yet he would have died fighting for what he felt was true, and when his soul passes over, it will not be filled with revenge- but Love. Because if you were indeed fighting for truth, this truth will be revealed to him.

    Dropping bombs on entire countries helps to create the wandering souls that become puppet Masters for most the treachery on Earth. They walk all around us, selecting the weakness minds and spirits to enchant.

    "You have the see the Matrix for yourself" we've been using this concept for years now to give examples of how this world of control works. The truth is, this line is correct. We do have to see if for ourselves, that is the only way we enter into the place of true understanding. Now, how does one go about doing that?

    First of all, when we are "freed" from this system, this signal that has our senses on lockdown- we end up looking at the spirit world.

    The spirit world appears in different forms for different people, this might be the core reason why no one can explain it- or that, it's better you see it for yourself.

    I saw the spirit world on 5 levels, after experiencing 5 levels of death in my dream state. The first level, I saw the spirit world as a thin blanket of ocean that went on for eternity, which seemed to stretch across an infinite amount of space. This ocean gave birth to consciousness in the form of tiny stars that shot up into dark space and exploded into different things. Planets, Universes, etc., it all depended on what that consciousness wanted to be. When I awoke in the ocean, I was the only Man- there was no one of that kind- yet. I was experiencing the level of "the first born."

    All 5 Levels of Death gave me an experience of the spirit world. At some point I even realized, that there is a version of ourselves that works on the outside of the Universe as well.

    But the grand question is how does one attain these experiences that remove the illusion of death. That's simple, you either induce an NDE -a Near Death Experience, or you call out to your Ancestors/Avatars to give you one, which is what I probably did, but I was unaware at the time.

    In most religious literature, the idea of being "born again" - you have to be "born again" or "saved" as our People love to call it, is actually referring to baptism. Not, sprinkle some water and you baptism, "now you are saved". No.

    A true Baptism is a NDE. Which doesn't always happen with water. Anything that brings us to the brink of Death, and then brings us back- is a NDE. There is no other way to see "the Matrix." Someone has to pull the plug, and then put it back in.

    There is no question in mind that our Ancestors reached the highest level of science, spiritual as well as physical, the highest levels of civilization, and Maat- because they knew how to "save" a life.

    The Water Baptism comes from KMT. To submerge the head under water by force long enough for the spirit to leave the body and to "see" the other side for what it is. To experience leaving the body, to experience what animates the Universe. Now imagine an entire society of people who have seen the Truth of what the world really is.

    There are many forms of Baptisms that are engraved into African Spiritual Systems. The key being- to give the conscious mind a view of the spirit world. That's all. That's all we need to see, and then we can address our lives from there.

    A true Water Baptism is rare these days, and for good reason. Yet the most powerful of all Baptisms are done by fire, but not real fire. Christians most likely know of the term used in the bible.

    A Baptism by fire is a Baptism of possession, this happens when a spirit possesses you and causes a rise in the kundalini energy, it does feel like your entire body is burning up. This is a natural experience when a spirit of a higher vibration rate enters the body of a person with a much lower vibration rate. While this is the most powerful Baptism, it is also the most dangerous, the result can be deadly.

    When Psychics gather together they can cause a rise in the Kundalini for an untrained member, and perhaps even cause their death. I don't think that solves the mystery of "spontaneous combustion" but it does give some glues.

    Sex would be a lighter version of this event, since Sex with a person with a higher consciousness of vibration rate can cause a rise in the kundalini, resulting in a feeling of tingling all over the skin.

    The science of the NDE is how the U.S. creates their Soldiers as well. This usually happens during Boot Camp, when they are left without food for some time, and kept in dark places. It breaks the mind, and at times even brings a person to the edge of Death. At that point they quickly run in and give that person the programming required of them.