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    How to overcome worry

    Try to enjoy the worry
    When worry is inevitable, enjoy it and be wise
    Even continued happiness leads to mental worry
    Thus happiness and worry must be alternative
    If you are worried by the continued happiness
    You are worried at the cost of the result of your good effort

    Instead of this it is better to get worry at the cost of your sin
    Let the sin give some trouble and then you worry out of it
    In this way the result of the sin is spent and the not the result of good effort
    The loss in your present worry may be compensated in the future
    But the time lost in your past worry cannot be compensated
    Because the life span of any human being is fixed

    Your loss may be compensated by million times in the future
    But even one second of your lost time can never be compensated
    Therefore, understand this and think about the value of the time
    This knowledge of the value of time is called as ‘Kala Janana’
    Which means the knowledge of the future that you should know,

    Which provides the possibility of the compensation of all the loss
    Except the loss of time, therefore, time is the most precious.
    You may waste anything that can be again procured in the future,
    But never waste the time, which you can never compensate.

    There are two ways to escape the mental worry in this world
    The first way is by obtaining the peace, which is zero
    The second way is by achieving the bliss, which is plus
    Worry is minus, peace is zero and bliss is plus
    To escape minus, either you should be in zero or in plus

    Bliss can be obtained only from the Lord in this world
    Since Veda says that the Lord alone is bliss “Anando Brahma”
    Veda also says that the Lord alone can give you the bliss
    “Esha Hyeva Anandayati” this is quite logical in fact
    The water is alone cool and so it alone can give coolness
    Whatever is said in the Vedas, it is always logical

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    Hmmm, you could just not worry. It would seem to be too contradictory to enjoy worry since worry isn't enjoyment at all. Worrying brings nothing for you nor does it change an outcome, because all is in the Hands of the Father. Only faith in the Holy Father through the Holy Son can give a true understanding to why worrying is pointless for the children of men. Faith in His sacrifice and belief in His resurrection allows us salvation and peace in mind, body, and spirit.