Black Women : How to Love a Thinking Woman

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    Marvin X Table

    By Marvin X

    Make love to her mind
    Treasure that she has a mind
    Precious and whole, holy
    Up from slavery
    from negrocities
    Of every kind
    Low life, rot gut, rat level
    let her know
    Lick her all over

    thrill her with original thoughts/actions
    Be revolutionary, radical, bodacious
    Stay beyond the common
    Have some class about yaself
    With the classic lady
    Wearing a mind of her own
    So you too
    Be unusual
    Say unusual things
    Beyond I love you baby
    ***** and **** kindergarten games
    With bling bling on your minus brain brain
    Say I love you too
    But show it
    talk is cheap
    Better to show her your love
    Or she will think about you and wonder

    Say things
    She's never heard before
    Ihdhina sirata al mustaqim (guide us on the straight path)
    Make her laugh til she comes in panties
    With serious jokes to get her mind off the world
    Never let her figure you out
    Be always a mystery
    When she figures you out you're through
    Don't be that dumb

    A thinking woman is not a man
    Need not be lesbian or bisexual
    but if she is lost and turned out
    twisted, mannish, computer down
    make her party with you and her girls

    If she's really a thinking woman
    She wants a man of superior thinking
    Not a dummy
    Unread, illiterate, ignut ******
    Who wants her cause she fine
    But don't have a clue bout her mind
    And never will in a thousand years
    So he gets her drawers
    And babies come
    But he never grows like the babies
    And wants her to shut up
    Don't think at all
    Don't figure him out
    Mr. Mystery who ain't no mystery
    A very well known type
    Easily cast for a B movie
    Yet trying to ride first class
    Without a ticket
    Without a thought of his own
    Holding on for dear life
    With the thinking woman
    Who tells him nightly of world events
    He cares nothing about
    Or even black art on the wall
    He tears down before you call 911
    After he punched a hole in the wall
    Because he disagreed with your
    Independent thought not from the Masjed
    Since he's so sunni beyond sunni
    Won't be a Shia to save his punk *** life
    fundamental islam might make him the revolutionary man he vows never to be
    since he might have to think beyond traditional myth and ritual.
    Unless he goes to school somewhere
    Besides the ignut barber shop and ignut prison
    Although prison is no sin
    Unless he makes it his home
    And comes out with AIDS
    Swearing he ain't gay.
    The cellie who sucked his **** was a woman
    He swears.

    Listen to another thinking woman
    Your other girlfriend maybe
    Who might have a similar thought
    And probably will
    About the world
    Don't be shocked she has the same thoughts
    Your main woman has
    Same spiritual ideas
    Actually, they go to the same new thought church,
    So yes, they think the same,
    Surprised at this double trouble
    Or is it double truth
    Ain't but one thought, really
    You simple minded rappin *** ******
    Rhyming like you in kindergarten
    Real poetry don't rhyme,
    I thought you knew

    One Mind, One Truth, One Thought
    let her know you love her
    As she ponders the universe
    Don't disturb her quiet moments
    In her study
    her prayer and meditation
    Searching new thought from old truths.
    If you know everything she knows
    Shut the **** up and pretend
    Learn how to act with the thinking woman

    Walk her walk, talk her talk
    If you know better, act like she's the genius
    She ain't always wrong
    And most of the time she right

    If you touch her right
    Even in her thinking mode
    She will scream into the night
    And be amazed at the reality of love
    How in the hell did you figure out how to
    Rock her world?
    She had it all together til you came or made her come
    As it were
    Now her thoughts are all discomposed, shattered like glass

    And when you want to beat her
    Because her thoughts overlap her lips
    Beat her with your mind
    Or slap her with your penis even
    Across her mouth
    She will be amazed at your ingenuity.

    We are merely free slaves
    One generation away
    My grandfather was a cotton picker
    My mother was a cotton picker
    Even I was a cotton picker
    Up from slavery
    Never forget the pain of ancestors
    Distant and present
    The whip, the rape of men and women
    The bloody abortion of children
    Never forget and always know
    We are in the land of murderers
    And the children of murderers
    Think about it
    and never think
    This is some heaven on earth
    For it is surely hell until
    The hour of freedom
    Until we think in unity
    And rise

    Man and woman
    In unity
    Beyond murder
    Beyond hell
    Beyond ignorance and fear
    Beyond gender hatred
    To the region forbidden to all but the true

    So climb the mountain together
    Man and woman thinking
    Into the ripples of the pond
    Climb atop the green hills
    Sit by the ancient tree and consider
    All the beauty, all the blessings
    For all the labor and pain

    And in enjoy the wealth
    Of your woman's mind
    Enjoy the pleasure of her womb
    And be true to her and yourself
    And welcome each other into the valley of peace
    Where the lake of love awaits thinkers
    Of every kind
    Let the Lord know you know Him and serve Him
    Let Him bless you and rain love upon you in His name.
    As-Salaam-Alaikum wa rhamatulahi wa barakatuhu.
    Peace be unto you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.
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    Beloved KGMW Keita:

    Get out of my Mind. LOL. You beat me to the comment you made. I Am one with you.

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