Science and Technology : How to DELETE (not deactivate) Facebook.


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Apr 21, 2007
How to Really Delete Your Facebook Account

Deep in the bowels of the Facebook help center, you can find the URL to permanently delete your Facebook account.
Before I show you the link however please read the following carefully:
Deleting your Facebook will delete all of your account information and remove your ability to login to the service. Photos, friends, messages, status updates etc… According to Facebook, there is no way to restore your account and your data once it has been permanently deleted. With that in mind, please move forward reading all large and fine print.
So let’s get started on permanently deleting your profile.
Visit, ClickSubmit

You’ll be asked to confirm. Type in your password and solve the CAPTCHA. Click Okay to continue.

All done, sort of…
How to Make Sure Facebook Permanently Deletes your Account

Even after confirming the deletion of your account, Facebook will only deactivate it, leaving you 14 days to log back in and cancel the entire deletion. Sigh.

I know what you’re thinking: “Really? Fourteen days to delete my data?”
  1. I completed the scavenger hunt and found the DELETE link.
  2. I saw the BIG RED TEXT warning me my account would be permanently deleted.
  3. I entered my password.
  4. I helped translate a book for GOOGLE by solving the Captcha puzzle.
  5. Lastly, I clicked the Okay button
What part of delete my account don’t you understand Facebook? Perhaps you thought I was joking? Or drunk? But if that’s the case, why the five steps above? Yes Regis, that’s my final answer! Delete my account!
Anyway, I think it’s pretty obvious by now Facebook doesn’t consider you a customer from a customer service point-of-view. Facebook is in the data business — more specifically, your data and it will go to great lengths to keep that data including your employment, school history, friends, network, photos, tagged face etc… which it managed to collect from you over the years in its social web. The 14 day grace period is Facebook’s last-ditch attempt to somehow lure you back into the service either accidentally or from some subconscious Facebook addiction in order to abort the account cancellation process.
With this in mind, here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t “accidentally” log in to Facebook thus aborting your account nuke process.
  1. Clear your browser cache and delete all cookies – Firefox / Internet Explorer / Secure Wipe w/CCleaner
  2. Delete the Facebook Application on your iPhone (don’t worry, it’s free if you ever want to add it again…)
  3. Avoid clicking the Facebook Share button on any websites you read such as the button below (sorry, couldn’t resist <smile> )
  4. 5/5/2010 UPDATE: Reader UXP made a good point in his comment below reminding me that Facebook is also used by many people for single sign on for commenting on blogs or logging into websites (like for instance). Another example is Facebook chat clients like Pidgin or Adium. Use these services, post a comment on a blog using Facebook Connect or login to a site using your Facebook account during your 14 day waiting period and your FB account will be reactivated. Ouch… that one is gonna hurt if your only Creds on or other sites is your Facebook account…

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