Black Relationships : How to Be More Romantic to Your Woman

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    Learning how to be more romantic can be your first step to sparking intimacy and passion in your relationship - whether you are still dating or already married for years. Indeed, it is generally known that if you want to please women, you have to connect with her emotions and one thing you can do about it is to at least try to be romantic.

    Here are some things that women find romantic and some tips that can help you learn how to be more romantic to your woman.

    Being romantic is being more personal. Sure, receiving a card can be heartwarming but getting a card with a handwritten note can be romantic. Find something that she will truly appreciate receiving. For sure you must have known some of her desires, her passions and interests, so you may want to give her something that she would most likely love receiving.

    Spend quality time with your partner alone. One best thing you can do on how to be more romantic with your woman is to give her your time. Spend quality time together, talking in low tone with a bottle of wine, having a great laugh together, having a walk, relaxing by the beach together, or even cuddling in the sofa while watching your favorite show. It doesn't have to be a Caribbean cruise if you dont have the resources. Simple things that are sincerely done can be romantic.

    Little surprises can be romantic. Cook for her, help her with the housework, clean her car, or fetch her at the office. You can book a hotel room and spend the weekend together just the two of you, or surprise her with tickets to her favorite show or bring her to creative dates. Be attentive to details too. It doesn't have to be expensive to be romantic. A good massage can work magic.

    Find creative ways to say you love your partner. Plainly saying 'I love you' everyday may be monotonous but saying it in different creative ways can be a good way on how to be more romantic to your partner. Romantic notes posted on places where she can see it, surprise her with a romantic email or text message you write yourself - indeed, there are many ways to tell your partner you care for her and that you think of her.

    Remember important dates in the relationship - birthdays and anniversaries should always be at the top of your list. Mark it in your calendar if you want and make her feel special on these dates. Most women are particular about these important dates and forgetting them can be a big deal.

    Compliments and appreciation are romantic for women. Take time to compliment your woman. For sure you can find something that you can find worthy of noticing - may it be as simple as her new haircut or how she looks with her new dress. Appreciate the things your woman does for you a sweet thank you can be romantic too.