Brother AACOOLDRE : How the Monopoly Game being played on Blacks

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    By Andre Austin

    Everybody loves playing monopoly. The game starts out with each player receiving an equal distribution of money; then the rat race starts with competing for the acquisition of land, houses, utilities etc. Those with money are out of the game or in jail.

    When the slaves were set free we were told to go and compete. We had no boots to lift our straps up so we ask compete with what. When it was time to play the real monopoly game in real life their was no distribution of a 40 acres, a mule and a $100 dollars. Here is a time capsule of the Monopoly game timeframe of social engineering blacks out of the game of the American dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (Property). This dream was played on us by whites by taking Indian land and unpaid labor of blacks. Their Dream was the Blackman’s nightmare or their heaven our hell; Black labor. White wealth. All those who can’t see the reality of the true vision of black freedom will perish. Those giving a dream speech behind the big white Lincoln memorial saying free at last misunderstand history. Lincoln didn’t free the slaves in 1863. The 13th amendment partially liberated blacks in 1865 after Lincoln was dead for 9 months. The 13th amendment allowed slavery for those convicted of a crime and this gave the South a loophole to enact black codes, Jim Crow, sharecropping, peonage of debt slavery and convict lease programs to put blacks as close to slavery as they could. This was the social engineering to exclude blacks again from the American dream. Pop quiz. Why are black in their condition:

    1. God’s design of the Hamitic myth. Charges of immorality fall under this too. Most rich people are very immoral like Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus etal

    2. Genetic inferiority advocated by books like the The Bell Curve

    3. Social engineering with the misdistribution of wealth and resource.

    If you picked number 3 put yourself a star on your forehead. On July 10, 2015 the State of south Carolina just surrendered symbolically to the Civil War when they rolled up their Confederate Flag from their capital. Now we must move to get them to surrender the War in Substance. Here are a few pointers on how that substance was originally taken away from us.

    A. The Pope in 1488 first European nation to give permission to enslave black people was second only to the Arabs

    B. The Maryland Colony in America issued an edict in 1638 called the exclusionary act which laid the foundation for slavery/racism across America. Pope John Paul II went to the Caribbean in the early 1990’s to apologize for the Catholic contribution to Slavery by advocating from Pop Quiz 1, 2 and 3 as justification for enslavement because we had no souls. Jews too who were involved in providing insurance, ship building merchants in the sale of molasses/rum, cotton etc that laid the financial foundation of slavery that Jews and others were knee deep in for Africa’s uncompensated gift to America.

    C. In 1866 The Freedman’s Bureau was set up to “help” blacks. They didn’t give black people land but a paper contract to work on land as Sharecroppers to whites who were given land. At the end of the year or season blacks owed the white land owner money according to the books the whiteman kept.

    D. Black Codes, Jim Crow created vagrancy laws. If you had no contract paper stating you were tied a white land to work as a serfs. No Papers meant you were a hobo and had to go to jail and pay a fine that your former Master paid off. Now you had to pay off the fine by working for your former Masters. If you were hungry and stole a pig that only costed $1 dollar that was five years of hard labor through the convict-lease programs.

    E. Meritorious Manumission: Sambo awards given to Blacks who snitch out black freedom fighters. The majority of all slave revolts and insurrections were suppressed because a House Negroes informed on them. Go from Prosser, Vesey to Nat Turner. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin we are taught Uncle Tom was the villain when it was Sambo. Tom didn’t snitch on runaway slaves and put extra cotton in women bags so they wouldn’t get whipped for low production. On orders of the white man Sambo whips Tom to death. We don’t read so we don’t know the truth so we see things upside down from reality. This is the same thing the Romans did with our Militant Messianic leaders in the Bible; they are the opposite of what they presents as turn the cheek, pay taxes to Caesar/God, submit to slavery etc. Jesus never said the poor will always be with you (Matthew 26:11) that’s a prescription for perpetual slavery based on OT (Deuteronomy 15:4-11). This is what man has said not God. Meritorious Manumission has its roots in the Willie Lynch Syndrome letter of dividing blacks up according to age, sex, skin color, job assignment. The effect of this syndrome is you being nailed to the wall when you see and accept unreality as reality which breaks down:

    1. Communication

    2. Organization

    3. Community

    From this they were able to get Blacks and Mulattoes to put on Confederate jackets and promote their own enslavement. We have gangs putting on colors acting as agents for the KKK terrorizing their own communities. I recall playing a movie Tales from the hood to some students so that they could see that the KKK confederate soldiers outsource their jobs to them.

    Free at last, free at Last

    We are free now because blacks are no longer needed as a work force. Corporations who control the media are trying to anoint an agenda of:

    1. One World Government through trade of goods and people (immigration)

    2. One World Economy

    3. One World Religion (Catholic) taking the lead, while others are reduced and or demonized.

    The media is involved in a sophisticated attack on the Ancient Egyptian religion of Isis, Osiris and Horus the foundation of the Catholic Trinity. The media must dissociated itself from Isis by linking it with terrorism and at the same time reducing the Muslim religion too. The Jewish religion is subordinate to Christianity due to their military and economic alliance. They are basically the 51st state of the USA. Three Roman Emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian took over the Egyptian Trinity and now have Christians worshiping them masked as Jesus Christ. They distorted reality while you were sleeping and snatched their bodies and replicated them into the image they wanted you to see. “Christianity as a whole was created for political reasons: firstly, in order to usurp the gods of other cultures with a Jewish (Roman) messiah; and secondly, to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion combining Judaism and Paganism” (Who was Jesus? By D.M. Murdock p.236)

    They still have contempt for black people. They still think we have no souls. This is why they help the black females abort 50% of their babies. Black females have the sterilization plan, while Black men have the penalization plan. Got men in the Big house and the women have the house of prostitution. The only Suppression of Immigration of people is on black people since 1808 because they were afraid of slave revolts like the one that happened in Haiti. They want us to be a permanent minority so that we can never have political and economic power but the illusion of it through symbolic power. For example: A black president is symbolic power with no substance. There is no correlation of Black elected officials to Black benefits. We have been happy to play in their game but not being able to win the game. We are only guest in their hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc and not the owners. And when you run out of money you are shown the door. Integration, You just monopolized out of power. Now go to jail and don’t collect no $200 dollars. You were given nothing to compete for that Life, Liberty and Property. We were socially engineer away from it with their tricks of Institutional racism in every structure they set up with. We have no dreams or visions but to play in their game to loose. Some frozen dreams/visions pop up every now and then like a Farrakhan’s space ship of Jet-black Fighters coming to lay a claim to land, resources and money. But that’s pie in the sky preparing the masses of the people to die. So As we keep on throwing dice and shooting craps I must ask this: So where do we go from this here Monopoly Game of life?
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