Black Women : How the AMERICAN WOMAN Project Aims to Make Black Women the Face of America


Aug 28, 2015

When you think of the all-American-girl type of woman, you probably think of a sun-kissed, blond-haired woman, wearing a size 6 dress and either “leaning in” or happily being a doting, work-from-home mom.

Sure, some may say there’s nothing wrong with either of these representations, but there are other types of American women who are not getting recognized or the shine they deserve. And that’s why Sarah Huny Young’s AMERICAN WOMAN Project is much needed right about now.

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Jan 20, 2015
I never thought about what an American girl would look like.
I hate all beauty pageants.
Do Black women want to be considered the American Girl?
I have been thinking about the "American" title for Black people since lil dons election.
I live in America, but I find it hard to identify as American.
I think about swamp crawlers in the whitehouse, and I do worry that their disorganisation could leave the US open to terrorist attacks upon the people living in America. I live here.

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