Black People : How Much Do Our Beliefs/Thoughts Really Effect Our Reality??

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by tyab14, Sep 25, 2008.

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    How much really does our beliefs and thoughts effect our reality? We always hear about such things, especially with the advent of the new age movement and the letting out of "The Secret", or just simple ideas about people creating their reality with their thoughts, beliefs, and concocted truths.

    If this holds true, and we have such a big pyschic pull of energy (as black people), then should we be focusing on certain things together? It is known that such things as advertisements, television, education, so on and so forth provide us with a concrete reality that is made up my someone else. The mind fuels the reality.

    What kind of things could we do if we actually turned off the t.v., didn't read the newspapers, didn't pay any real attention to the outside world for a period of time. What could happen? I'm curious, because if it holds true that thoughts and beliefs bring things into existence, whoever controls our attention can get exactly what they want from us.

    Its like we are the personal genie of whoever hold our attention. Just rub the mind and make a wish and you can have it. If I put the thought of a certain disease into someone's head, and get a large enough group to focus on it, and believe it as true, will it manifest? According to metaphysical doctrine, everything starts on the energetic level and then manifests into this dense reality.

    So my question is, do we sometimes underestimate the statement our thoughts create our reality? Or are our thoughts and beliefs irrelevant in our daily experiences and the events, situations, etc that we attract?

    Someone once told me that if I could focus on something for a certain period in a day without dissapating the thought, I could manifest anything I wanted within certain periods of time.
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    I have always known “The Secret” even as a little girl. I knew that feeding something with my attention would bring forth a response. People are living the existences that they want; they just don’t realize it. I am a little amazed that the rest of the world didn’t know this. Hell I could have written that book in high school.

    I believe the media, the standard American diet, and pharmaceuticals are anesthetizing us into complacency. We have been brainwashed to accept what we have been given, and those that throw off the shackles in a public way, get institutionalized.

    If we came together as a people there is no limit to what we could accomplish. The examples in my lifetime that speak to collective will of Black folks were the Million Man March and the OJ trial. But we have been taught and internalized the crabs in a barrel mentality. We have soooo much work to do before we will be able to utilize our collective strength and abilities. But I am convinced that it’s possible.