Black Poetry : How many of yall have performed your poems live?


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Jul 4, 2001
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Just taking an informal little survey. At a local nightspot here they have spoken word night on Sundays. I want to go and drop some of my rhymes but a sista has serious stage fright! :eek:

Does anybody here do the live spoken word thang?? If so, you got any tips for a nervous poet like myself?
Hey sis,

I have and the thing is you never really get rid of the butterflies. One way to combat that is to (and this is an old speaker trick) imagine everyone is in their underwear. sounds crazy but it works a little. Also, what you could do is close your eyes. It would appear that you are really into what you are reading (and I'm sure you are) and you wouldn't have to look at anyone. Or you could do it Miles Davis style and perform with your back to the audience.

Yo Gurl

I do the open mic thing alot and I agree wit never really get rid of the initial butterflies..most stages I go on though the lights are real bright, and shine into your face ..I'll look into the lights untill I get rollin' ...or if there are no lights ..I find that "space" right above the crowds heads..and lose myself there..another thing that will minimize the butterflies is know your "flows" backwards and forward your sleep and every other way, that usually will give you the confidence to overcome any stage fright...or start by performing at home in front of the mirror or in front of a few friends or family..either way "stagefright " is an obstacle that can be overcome...and free's your talent up for elevation to a whole other level...dont give up !!! ...and GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

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