Black People : How many of us have our Passport? Do we have an Emergency Plan?

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    How many of us have our Passport?
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    Do we have enough money saved for ourselves and our entire family (children/spouse) in case we are forced to leave the USA?

    Is it written somewhere that we will always be in the USA?

    In case of a Mass Exodus, where are our vital and essential papers located for easy access to take with us?

    It is wise to get our passports now while it is at the price it is which is reasonable, because the enemies always changes the rules in the middle of the game, and the prices can very well go up to a price we will not be able to afford. BE AHEAD OF THE GAME, OR GET LEFT BEHIND..

    If we have to take something to the Pawn shop, sell it, Get your Passport for self and family.


    Do we have an Emergency Plan?

    Do we perform Emergency Drills with our families?

    Hon. Bob Marley (EXODUS) Movement of JAH People.

    When we are at the MAlls, we know how to direct each other how to meet up later in the Mall.

    Failure to Plan is Failure.:SuN048: :SuN024: