Black People : How many Destee warriors lives in San Diego, Chula Vista, CA?

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    I ask this question because Afrika has invited Dr. Graves, HIV/AID Advocate for help in the testing/administering the TRESACIL that in accordance with some has proven to work on HIV/AIDS patients.

    As a Activist/Advocate for Dr. Graves, I have his permission to give out his telephone number Worldwide, and as he says his number is not secretive. Talk to him personally at: 1 619 422 3852.

    Those in the San Diego/Chula vista area especially, and all those whoa re not in these areas, please contact him and see what it is you can assist the others who are already actively involved with helping Dr. Graves with the needs he have that will help this Mighty warrior who risk his life every day against the enemies to bring help to our people throughout the Diaspora.

    We must all play a role in helping our true leaders go forward with Truth that will save a dying people.

    I Am thanking you all in advance for all you will do.


    goddess Isis