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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
How long
{my} brothers and sisters
do we allow injustice
to focus
its attention on US {you and i}


{may i ask}
have we sat by
silently approving
the endangerment of our race

how long must the gavel
hit US in the head
before we realize the truth
of what is being said

how long must prosperity
run the other way
before we get off our ***
and stop doing what they say

how long

how long must we sit
at the bottom of the pack
as others pile on...pile on

how long must we stand
for **** like that
saying "my GOD,
if we can just hold on...hold on"

how long

we have come to a precipice
...a changing of the ways
it's not our way
but we're tired of the old ways

how long

as tomorrow awaken
with the dawn's early light
and nights
...such beautiful nights
sing of confusion and fright

we rise
with the knowledge
gained from years of turmoil
we stand for right
'cause we can't take this
no more

how long

how long
{my} brothers and sisters
will wrong be substituted for right
while we shudder
under cover of night
and profess our
with the keeper of the pie

we can't even acknowledge
that a lie is a lie

how long

{i'm asking}
will we continue this game of
and i'll do the same
kill us
we'll imitate you
don't worry about US
WE'LL do as you do

how long

haven't we woke up, yet?
I hears ya.

and my heart bleeds like yours does for this issue. That this poem only got this many reads says something about the state of mind of many called black. High pie society has perfected the art of gaming US, and to many extents we be willing participants in our own demise. I figure, though, if they who be conscious just light their lights in whatever small corner they toil, we will eventually have a light big enough to engulf this darkness. Until then, let's chant down BABYLON.

My love fe you is blood to blood.

JAH Lives!
too many willing participants, brother YeshuJah...

'coz too many of US are under the impression--because they're o'kay financially--that things are as they should be. they don't realize the ongoing struggles that are warring outside their door. 'til the weight of wrong comes crashing down on their head, most of them don't wanna know.




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