Chief Elder Osiris : How Long Is To Long?

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well now my beloved, here we go again and I mean no disrespect but I must
    say what is given to me to say in behalf of that I truly love, without
    condition and that is Afrika and the Black Afrikans people.

    You see my beloved, when we are able to make such a confession about Afrika
    and the Black Afrikan Nation, it serve as evidence that we have mentally and
    Spiritually arrived out of the morass of america folly and foolishness, as
    applied to the mind of Blacks in america, here by way of the middle passage
    and I dare say, to the entire Black Afrikan Nation.

    What I am about to say may shock many of you and may go as far as causing
    anger and hatred toward me, but you see I AM NOT HERE VYING FOR POPULARITY

    My charge come only from our most Ancient Black Afrikan Ancestors, who speak
    to me from the very depth of my genetic soul and they it is I must be
    obedient to, in receiving instruction about what we Black Afrikans must do
    to save the Black Afrikan nation and it most certainly need saving, is that
    not a fact?

    We need saving first from those who have played in causing the
    transformation of the Black Afrikan, and secondly we need saving from
    ourselves, based on the behavior we now display to each other today, so I
    ask, is that not a fact?

    If your answer is yes to those two questions, then you will understand what
    I say to you today, in regard to the need for Afrika and the Black Afrikan
    Liberation from america.

    First let me establish myself and make it plain to you about what I think of
    Jesse Jackson, never did I accept or regard Jesse as a leader of mine and I
    first met Jesse in 1972, at the Black political Convention, held in Gary
    Indiana, Jesse was leading the fight for school integration and busing, at
    the time, I was a chapter chairman in Orlando, Florida for the Congress Of
    Racial Equality ( CORE ) and we were, back then, racial separatist, Black
    Nationalist, and at the convention it was my chapter that took to the floor
    of the convention to fight against the PLAT FORM THAT HELD THE ideas and
    goal of Jesse Jackson, regarding school integration and we won.

    On that day the convention endorsed the CORE PLAN, which was community
    control of schools and anti busing with no integration.

    Jesse has always been a lover of white folks and their america, so I will
    not trust the likes of a Jesse Jackson in any discussion about the
    Liberation of Blacks in america, because if Jesse is sitting down with you
    in a discussion, discussing the trouble that Blacks are facing in america,
    it most certainly is not about Blacks Liberation, but it is about Blacks
    assimilating into white america and such talk make one to become an enemy to
    Blacks freedom.

    Now, let me say this, I hold much respect for my dear friend Minister
    Farrakhan but I must dramatically object to the direction, seemly he is
    attempting to point us in, here in america and with Jesse at his side.

    Now this may be a bit long but stay with me because you need to hear this
    and after you do, some of you may hate me and some of you may feel relieved,
    but you know what, it really does not matter to me how you feel toward me
    because I know My love for you Black Afrikans transcend all of the damage
    that has been applied to our mind and now, it is the Truth about us that
    really piss us off and such a behavior serve as evidence that we are not
    operating with our original mind and I bring to you the Truth as I Know it
    to be, about us and our condition we now are in here in america and the

    Beloved, when there is a fight for Liberation, there is no set plan that can
    be set forth, having a Time assigned to it, because in such, represent a
    fight for inclusion into a system that has a record of kicking us in the
    behind, Spiritually and morally and I ask, are we ready to engage in a fight
    for our Liberation from america or is it the same old plan, begging to be
    accepted by white america in america, where Justice and independence have no
    place on a foundation of Racism and Prejudice toward the Black Afrikan,
    where ever we are, as applied to us by those who are now in power in the
    world and most certainly in america and they are white with their allies
    oppressor, who center their action on the mental and physical abuse on the
    Black Afrikan and yes it is all about our pigment ( color ) and the
    potential power we hold within.

    Beloved, Life is not make believe as we have been conditioned to believe,
    blocking us from thinking and knowing what Life truly represent, which is
    love, peace, joy and independence, which presently escape the Black

    Who say we have Five, Ten, Fifteen or Twenty Years more to play with our
    Black Life by letting it remain in the care of this devilish white man.

    No, No, my dear beloved, any plan that concern our Liberation should be made
    to be for our immediate Liberation and we fight in such a way that this
    devilish white man will see and know that the Time is up for disrespecting
    and kicking us in the behind at their leisure, with no repercussion to come
    from such an evil behavior toward the Black Afrikans.

    When you summon a group of integrationist/assimilationist together to put
    forth a plan in behalf of Black people in america, what do you expect to
    come from such a plan, will it be about our civil rights or will it be about
    our Hue-Man Rights, one representing continue oppression while the other
    represent our Liberation from america, which do you choose my dear beloved
    sisters and brothers, is it freedom now or is it continued betterment and
    advancement in america for the next Ten Years?

    So I ask, how long is to long to wait for our Liberation and I say Now!!

    Each nana second we remain in america is to long and the only plan we need
    is a plan that will require our immediate release from this america prison,
    in which we have been confined for approximate Five Hundred Years, regarding
    on which date we settle on, for for our arrival here in the Diaspora /

    Any Million man March that does not include the plan of Reparation /
    Repatriation and Nation State Status for the Afrikans in america, back Home
    in Afrika, is an effort that only will duplicate the first such gathering.

    The Time for show casing my beloved is over and before any gathering should
    take place by us, such must have been preceded by a National / International
    call for all Reparation leaders to come together to meet for the purpose to
    reason together on this most divine and sacred issue we call Reparation.

    Beloved, only the devil is angry over this message!!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Afrika, The Diamond Of The world, She Has Been Cut Uneven And Now The World
    Suffer From Such An Error!!! ( Osiris )

    It Is The Black Fool That Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You either Accept Or reject, I Move On!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan nation


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation movement
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement ( P.A.I.N )