Black Relationships : How Important is Black Love


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Jun 18, 2004
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I've given up on it. Not saying it doesn't exist but there is a culture of women where some women especially sisters aren't holding each other accountable. So when they have a come up, its usually high fives instead of codemnation especially when it comes at the expense of a black man.
cast your net a little wider.....there are plenty of good sisters out there

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Dec 17, 2016
Seeing all the dysfunction can leave you discouraged. I stay to myself, and rarely interact with people. There's this brother who comes to my house to drink, and vent about how badly his woman treats him. He's a good dude, and you know men like him get messed over alot of the time. He saw I was a young dude with an arsenal of knowledge, so he comes over, or we chill at his place, to discuss the problems in the community, and relationships between men, and women. My other homie's wife makes good money, but he's a convicted felon who dropped out, so his prospects in that area are less then hers. When we're all together I pick up on her being condescending towards my homie. Putting him down when he talks about his dreams, when dude talks about his plans for the future, she always puts him down, I can see she doesn't believe in him. Sometimes you're just better of being alone. Don't put too much faith in things that are outside of you.


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Feb 9, 2001
Should our dream state be taken seriously in terms of who we are? I've never dreamed about being intimate with any other man than a Black man.

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