Health and Wellness : "How I Healed My Back Pain" (INFO THREAD)


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Nov 19, 2019
Hi I made this thread for anyone currently experiencing Back Pain on the forum...

I dealt with severe back pain for 3 years (2014-2017) age(22-25).. During the course of that time
I tried several things in attempts to alleviate my pain...

- Muscle Relaxers
- Aspirin
- Soaking in Thermal Water
- Yoga
- Stretching
- Alternative Massage Treatments
- Chiropractor adjustments
- Physical Therapy

Nothing recommended by the medical physicians worked for me... My pain was so severe at one time to the point I was limping.... I had to quit working outside
and transition to working from home in order to make ends meet... Over the course of time my pain left me laying on the floor daily as it moved around and made
it hard to sleep on a mattress or sit in any chair..... By late 2016 I discovered info about psychosomatic reasons for lingering back pain.
Since that time I've been pain free for 3 years! I've shared my experience in all of this on youtube in a 7 part playlist series...

Full playlist link

I hope this is helpful to anyone on the site suffering from back pain currently :)


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