Black Poetry : How Does It Feel?

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Curious just to see your reaction
How do you like it if I caress you like that?
How do like it if I kiss you in that spot?

I just want to please you
And make everything all right

How does that make you feel?
If I turn off the lights?

I wanna make your head spin circles
Work magic like miracles

Strokin the palm of your hand
And eliminating any stress
Terminating all the areas that are tense

Releasin precious fluids and chemicals
That need to be escaped

And tampered with
Just to indicate
I want to send a message across
To your nerves to smile and appreciate

When I look into your eyes
Does you heart turn to butterflies?

Do I please your mind
And am I your preferable choice?

How does it feel
If I take my clothes off?
Around the naked eyes to see?

Trying to unnerve you
Intensly,and demanding

I want to make sure you hear my affection
Freak ya movements
In your perameter

How does it feel
When I tell you these things?

Desert Storm


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