Black People : How do you view todays World?


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Apr 6, 2001
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I can't help but to ask this question...I come across a lot of different incidences in the past couples of months and i wanted to know others perceptions on todays world. For example, i have an assocaiate come to me wanting me to help them with a poetry book for the youth...i guess between ages 18-23 maybe probably 21...his reasons behind this is to show our current elders that our youth do more than just get in trouble. My opinion....what do we need to prove?... I've read where they look upon our generation as a destroyer of a beautiful earth..well it wasn't all that pretty when i first got here if i wasn't mistaken. So i guess what i want to know is... What affect does this world have on you...What do you feel need to be change?... What cause and affect may have brought you to this conclusion?... Basically(How do you view todays World?)
I'll start with me...

since it is my question?.....

I view this word as hypocracy...judgmental, influential, detrimental to a childs health for many are considered drug dealers...useless...and imprisoned by the time their 5. Because their bad...children were bad before they came across on the boats.

Drugs have empowered our society...not only through the promotion of our black youth and black neighborhoods but to the back alleys of manhattan to the suburbs of your closest white neighborhood. That our government allows a certain amount of drugs to actually get through because every drug dealer they catch 50 percent of what was taken by the police will be placed back on the streets by a drug dealer for the police.

The fact that our country still has homeless families...babies, mothers, and children...and we go across country to feed the needy. That what goes on in our own society is just conversation and a political debate where what goes in other countries have to be dealt with...the way they will kiss someone else behind before they kiss their own. Funny thing is...I've seen this since i was a child... my mother use to tell me and my'll go to someone else's house and clean before you clean your own..."I caught on quick to that one" What happened to taking care of home first.

That we still have racial differences in our country, in regard to racial profiling to filing out the number of minorities that a company allows in their business.

I've realized that my country has not changed so much as to what I've read in school history books knowing that it doesn't teach many minorities their own history. I've realized that we are going to continue to fall within our own government because we are still living by the same rules but upgrading our lifestyle...we are still stuck in those use to be's instead of trying to deal with all of our nows.... that's my view of todays world....

I could go on but i'll leave at that... this is just a few of my i'm waiting on yours..... :D

I had some words for you but my network been acting funny and it got deleted. it was just me speaking my mind... :x:

and letting you know about me and my generation having something to prove.... We don't... we only need to prove things to ourselves and God Himself...I've seen so many youth fail and become disappointed and unhappy trying to follow someelse's dreams. Trying to do what everyone else wants them to do rather than following their owns hearts. Not having a mind of their own...which is what makes them human...what makes them and individual....I'm sure you wouldn't want your child to grow up feeling that way... I respect my elders and what they stand for..they have taught me self-determination, self-motivation, disipline, commitment and so forth...and with that I intend to teach others... Our elders taught us how to be individuals and now you :court: our generation because at some point we are... but oh well...this is some of what i said... And your other views...i do agree on to a degree...which was stated in my next to last paragraph: I've realized that my country has not changed so much as to what I've read in school history books knowing that it doesn't teach many minorities their own history. I've realized that we are going to continue to fall within our own government because we are still living by the same rules but upgrading our lifestyle...we are still stuck in those use to be's instead of trying to deal with all of our nows.... that's my view of todays world....

oh well that is your opinion. Because actually i do get respect...and the only time I probably don't is when i'm dressed like my everyday generation dress...baggy jeans and a T-shirt(which i actually go to work my line of work)...;) and even then...i still get my prove nada...nothing to prove...if you knew me or just saw me on the'd know its all in the pudding sweety. Keep your beliefs alive...but it poses no influence on a woman like myself. :D Kem...i must say though...I love your responses and your theory on so many things... Wow!!! Your views.... :confused:

And as for my job status...I know a lot of the do's and the don'ts. I'm not your average 21 year old.... I've done my research...and I will always take care of mine. So me without a ridiculous..because i know where i came from...i know all about sacrifices and hardships and if I am ever in the disposition...I always have my past jobs and experience at the thousands of companies that i have worked for in my 21 years to get another job...including fastfood. know i hadn't intented to ramble on like dhis and within this content i still feel like i'm trying to prove something to you which is also unnecessary...i always say what you don't know won't hurt you and assumptions well...i'm sure your generation has heard the old saying about assumptions... :x:

Maybe you should pick on another 21 year old...those that don't have a clue about their life...those that lack self-confidence do to the negativity that people in your generation instill within their membranes. They might actually by into this crap.....;)

honey...things are bad...and they continue to get worse. Please tell me something I don't know. Inform me of the great depression and I'll tell you how me and my friends are greatful we still have our jobs. While they continue to fire those in your age to LIFO or FIFO you pick. Tell me why they want to hire someone like you rather than me...why experience...age...when in reality...they don't have to worry about retiring us...they don't have to worry about kids interfering with their work and don't get me wrong..the higher up the ladder you are the more debt a company feels you need have...thats called feeling secure with an employee that he/she may not leave them high and dry do to the debt they have...with no guarantee that they will secure that employees job.

I don't look for respect out of no one. I treat those with respect who treat me as such. I don't ask for anything and i don't feel like no one owes me anything. Everything i've earned...i've earned on my own.

As far as my friend... I support his motive for those who lack that respect but when i met this boy a year ago..not sure of his maturity level this he had issues of his own in his self identity through my views and conversation with him. He's doing a good deed for our generation making a lot of whats going on known... and allows your generation to acknowledge us as people and not some crazed kids running loose. Which is not the case...

Let your voice reign loud and clear...
Let it be known for all youth to hear....
But always remember that its not your opinions we fear...
Because with or without you...
We are the ones that have to survive here!!!!

In all my hardships, struggles, working two jobs and going to college full time. For those teenage mothers who still gratudated highschool and got some type of degree. To all those who are still carrying their own and never turned to a soul... To those who survived the struggled when they had no one to turn to. Kem...I'm sorry but right now...your opinion is obsolete in my my generation...of those I have personally dealt with anyway. We've gotten ourselves in situations and seen some of your generation come and get us out...But i will tell you this and speak only for my past and present life...I have shared my love with many of your generation...I have grown to respect them and they me...Not one have told me they aren't proud of me...Even just my conversation...those who barely know me. But when things got hard on me...I could only turn to God and me....and my fellow fellow colleages. So whether you saw or felt or believe or think or have your own opinions. I've seen 18-22 year olds pull each other through a struggle and survived heavy tides. We thank you guys for taking aways some of our burdens, like racism and slavery. But just like you we still deal with every day things. Just like you have home...i have friends my age with homes cars... kids... You guys made it easier for us to come up on success rather than yourselves...I don't know not one child in my generation that totally disrespects your generation...maybe you want to look back on your view of things and realize that this world isn't yesterdays...and well you'll never know about tomorrow.. because we may be that generation to get back what was taken from bring our government to a new beginning. What you speak of on all those issues all of what you say...many that i know have experienced and will experience and in return...that will make them stronger and they will grow...because i'll will tell you one thing and that is for sure. If we made it though negativity like you have directly...I'm pretty sure we can make it through anything....


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