Black People : How do you stay encouraged, when it's dwindling, almost gone?

I pray. I ask for strength and patience. Growing up in Christian household, my parents encouraged us to pray when things seemed bleak and I’ve continued that process well into my adult life.

The answers are not always in front of us and at times we need to search harder and have the discipline to not stray from our goals. He wouldn’t give us much more than we can handle…when things get tough and you want to give up, just remember it could have been worst…
Peace and Blessings Family,

How do you stay encouraged, when it's dwindling, almost gone?

What tactics do you employ? What do you tell yourself? How do you keep going?

With so many of us facing overwhelming and almost daily challenges and obstacles, what advice or suggestion would you give, to help one remain encouraged?

Thanks in advance!



We all have various challenges in our lives.. At times life seems as though we could just buckle under the pressure. What I do is pray...I know for those who do not believe in God this may sound like just a statement. But I have gone through so much in this life. I know the pain of desertion which for any woman can be so traumatic. I look to God for strength and I rely on his promises. I look back on the past and see where he has helped and I used those experiences where God has intervened to strengthen my confidence. I read my bible and I look at the examples of men and women who suffered too.

At times the people you think will give you encouragement can be the ones that can put you in a more depressed mood. Reading positives books about people who have experienced different things in their lives can help also. As we see how they dealt with theirs can give us the strength to move on. I realise that at times what we are going through seems so difficult but then when we look at others we realise then they situation is worse than ours.

I believe giving thanks DESPITE the circumstance is something that will help. The old adage, Perseverance seldom fails rings through. I always place before me the statement from my mother. NEVER DOUBT GOD.

I hope this can be helpful. What ever you go through never give up...TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST...BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO.:heart:


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