Black People : How do you stay encouraged, when it's dwindling, almost gone?

Don't forget to Dance
LOL...Corvo.....Dont nobody wanna see me do the "running man" or the "wop" no more. I aint got no Chris Brown moves.

its a great topic like to see how others cope

lol ... yesss ... dancing is a good way! ... Thank You Brother Corvo!

lol Brother Abstract ... i wanna see !!! ... :up: ... :lol: ... :love:

that would problee be more healing than a gazillion prozac pills all taken at the same time ... :lol:


I just try to keep showing up. You can walk through a Georgia thunderstorm if you just "keep on walking." Becoming indifference and looking at the good in the moment works for me sometimes. Laugh at something or "someone"! Lol

Yes Papa ... i will keep on showing up, keep on walking, and laugh some too! Thank You!

A boy was pulling a wagon up a hill, when one of the wheels fell off and rolled down the hill landing at the curve. The boy said "god d--n!" A preacher standing on the other side of the hill ,out of sight to the boy, walked down to the boy and said "son it's not good to say the lords name in vain instead you should bless the lord". The boy said "I'm sorry sir". The boy put the wheel back on the wagon and continued to pull the wagon up the hill. The wheel fell off again and started rolling back down the hill. The boy looked at the preacher and said "bless the lord". The wheel stopped, turned around and started rolling back up the hill ; jumped back on the wagon, all by itself. The preached looked at the wheel and said "well god d--n!"

Too Precious !!! :toast:

Great Story!!! ... i've seen such myself! ... not a wheel and a wagon ... but like miracles !!!

Thank You So Very Much !!!


Well, to me?

Everyone says that you need to have goals. No one said that accomplishing them would be easy.
What's going through life restin' on 'easy'.
Being successful or accomplished or overcoming and being a better you isn't easy. If it were? Everyone and their mother would be.
That's why success feels so d*mned good. It's not easy. It's hard...and as some movie quote from a movie that I can't recall once said? It's 'the hard' that makes it worth it.

Few people with any degree of success had it handed to them.
...and everyone with any modicum of it has had to pay their dues.
You're gonna pay, regardless.
You gotta 'pay the cost to be the boss'.... *laugh*
I can't remember whether that's a saying or a song - but it's the truth.

So, that's how I look at it. The struggling and crying and hand-wringing and self-doubt.
It's just Due Paying. You think you're the only one whose cried their eyes out because **insert your personal crisis** happened and you don't know how you're going to pull it out?
Everyone does it. One of my girls - of course, we laugh about this now, but she used to call home boo hoo hoo-ed every week during med school and her residency. "I'm tired. I'm so stressed. I don't think I can make it. I don't have any money..."
She attended a private HBCU (Xavier U in La)...then transferred to Baylor COM...which didn't relieve her debt situation. Girl had scholarships school's expensive, period. My old church helped her through school, which was nice.
Sure, it was rough. Docs practically dedicate an entire decade of their lives to study. They...don't have lives. It's the same with high
But she's an MD now. It was worth it in the end.

So...way I like at things? I have a goal ...and if I've brought myself 'this' far?
I can pull myself a little further. So, I take it day by day. Week by week. If I keep at it?
I'll be where I want to be.
Anytime you take a risk, step outside of yourself, try to improve, reach for the stars, etc...whatever?
When you say, "I wanna go from where I 'better'"?
Be prepared to fight for it.
It's a transition. So, you might as well be prepared to get a little uncomfortable.
That's what it takes. *shrug*

A little realism helps.
Some people have to understand...that there are no shortcuts to success. There's no fast-tracking to personal growth or being a 'better you'. No skipping ahead in the wealthbuilding process. Unless you win the lotto? It takes time. Years. Decades.

It’s, like, people who win the lottery or marry ‘money’ or ex-wives of a money-ed man or clingers-on grandchildren profiting from the blood, sweat and tears of their kin.
People like that just spend hand over fist like it’s a bottomless pot of gold. Then? They’re flat broke and confused. ‘What do I do now?’
Some of them have never worked. They don't have skills.
...and these people are a..sed out when they lose it all. As well they should be. They took shortcuts. They don’t know how to actually build, because ‘theirs’ was given.
Not earned. They don't respect the path...because they never took the journey.
They don’t know the value of a dollar because what they have took no TRUE discipline to attain.

For me? When you look back after accomplishing your goals, you can appreciate the journey. That's what really re-made you.


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