Black Poetry : How Do You Mend?


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Apr 22, 2003
How do you mend a heart scorned and torched?​

A heart that has been broken, swollen, and distorted.
Another young Brother swept away in the tides
as a few stolen moments took possession of his life.

So tell me please!

How do you mend a battered torn heart?

When your tears won't stop pouring and your happiness won't start.
when visions of mangled bodies dance twistingly in your mind
And the screams won't stop coming, it only intensifies.

How do you mend a heart scorned and torched?

With a cup of tea and crumpets,
or something of the sort?
Do you shut your eyes immensely
to keep out all the light?
Do you wrap your chest in tattered cloths
so your heart can't feel the knife.
Do you dance and sing tunes of better days
til your voice can't sing no more?
or until your feet collapse
from being tired, worked, and sore?
Do you intoxicate your mind with a bitter tasting drink
Do you smoke out all the pain that has risen from the day?

Tell me!

How do you mend a battered torn heart?
Do you easily ignore it and carry on with your part?

Do you dream of somewhere else
where life is just and fair
as fragments of debris
wisps lightly through your hair?
Do you fall into a humble sleep
where only your voice can be heard?
or do you ride the waves of emptiness
and nestle with the birds?

For the life of me,
i just can no longer block out the pain!
They're killing all our children
and they are doing it in our faces!
They are robbing, killing, stealing
and eating their souls like sweetened cake.
Please someone tell me
how many more souls do we have baking?

Will it be your soul
my soul
his soul
her soul
our souls!
Or will we just finally die to escape it?

How do you mend a heart scorned and torched?

Do we gather by the wayside where the reaping is a sown?
Or Should we all come together to protect our very own?

Tell me, how do you mend?:crying:

In the Spirit of Sankofa!

How Do You Mend?


You have asked a very profound question, you have painted a true but horrible picture of the depravity of mankind. In and of myself, I know of no answer. I can only share with you what I fall back on, and that is this, God giveth and God taketh away, He is the creator, and all shall live again.

The problem is where shall we live, eternally. It is this message that we can carry to our people while they yet live, in hopes that they will not suffer in eternity, as they have and continue to suffer in this life.

Powerful flow
There has to be mending

Is it in a word or deed
In activisms creed
In rising up
Taking matters into our own hands

We have to decide enough
It’s too much and protect our own​
Hard for me to find words to respond to this piece, the depth of your words, the impact they have. We do all those things to mend, perhaps we do those things to get away so that our hearts can...mend. But in the end we do have to bond, and we have to be here in the now to do it Such a great write Purple, wonderful to read you again.
Wow Sis Purple! Such a real complement and heart-felt addition to the thread you posted. The more things change, the more they remain the same! I don't have the answers or the words...and just like Sis Watz said, I would venture to guess we do all those things you mentioned, because we all handle and deal with pain differently. Nonetheless, these travesties should be a continuous stream of wake-up calls for these "incidents" (as they call it) are increasingly becoming more and more of the norm instead of the exception.

Thank you for such a profound message Sister!!!


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