How do you listen to podcasts?

Discussion in 'Tech Support - Questions - Suggestions' started by I-khan, Jul 4, 2007.

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    anybody know....I am just now tryin to get some equipment to listen to some...
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    Brother I-Khan ... you should be able to listen to a podcast right from your pc, through your speakers. No special equipment is needed.

    It's coincidental that you'd be asking this question, because i've been trying to find a solution that will allow all of the audio from our classes, to be available online. In my searching, i learned how to put up a podcast, but it doesn't solve my initial problem, in the manner that i'd like.

    No matter, i'm still rather excited about this! :D

    I just shared it with those in the chat room, and Sister Goddess Auset has graced the page as the first person to have a podcast up! Thank You Beloved! :love:

    So go to this link ... ... and click on Sister Goddess Auset's first recording.

    Just click the ORANGE PLAY BUTTON :


    or you can download the file and listen later.

    Now, from what i'm seeing, the really jazzy podcasts can have music in the background, commercials, all of that. I guess we'll grow to that eventually, maybe with the more robust solution i'm seeking. But for now, this is great!

    I'll make another thread about the new podcast page, giving more information regarding what will be there, and why, but for now ... you can check it out!

    Brother I-Khan ... can you hear Sister Goddess Auset on the recording?

    Do you have any more questions about podcasts?

    Does anyone else have more information to share for Brother I-Khan and all of us?

    Love Yall!