Poetry Discussion : How do you know where the end of your Poem is?

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Apr 24, 2013
The ending of a song begins with the beginning concept, it is how well the middle part is put together which we must consider also. For the middle part ties the beginning and ending in.

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Nov 2, 2009
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I've been looking at this question sideways for awhile now, not exactly sure how to answer because I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.
" .. how do you know where the end of a piece is?"

When the little poet people in my head stop speaking, I'm pretty sure the poem is done. I don't always write my pieces in sequential order. I sometimes write the last line first and then write a poem for it. Not sure if I answered but that's the best I got.


you answered. but let me ask you:

I know you do a lot of hard-form poetry.. like Haiku and Cinquan.. ("hard-form" being my word for poetry with strictly defined forms..5-7-5, etc.. ) Does your process.. "the little poet people".. work the same with longer, free-form Pieces too?

ps: good to see you back


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Sep 3, 2011
when a concept comes to mind as was mentioned earlier I too sort of wrap my ideas around that main theme and often that initial thought becomes the last word/sentence...or sometimes the conclusion of that concept is last a thought that ties it together a resolution or sets a train of thought in the direction I want

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