Black People : How Do We Stand Together--Strong?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by happy69, Jul 14, 2004.

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    There are many things happening around Us. As African-Americans, I think that if you cannot see it; then there is no way that you will ever see it.

    We are in a war right now. No, not in Iraq, but here in America.

    Although, in the last 4 years We have been attacked and hurt... in greater ways than in recent history... We still have a window of opportunity to right Our own ship as a people and as a community.

    I wish that Our soldiers stationed all over the Globe comes home--soon. I have a feeling that there will be a huge price that this country will have to pay... luckily for Us, because We make no decisions, the blood is not on Our hands. But just like We have turned on each other with savagery, in Our communities; bringing in drugs, and stealing from each other, having gun fights in the streets, and disrespecting each other; and for sport (to see whose side the White racist of the day will be on); without any notion of the fact that you are killing your own mama.

    With the exception of Black Republicans (Not Black Conservatives); We better start closing whatever gaps We have that divide Us as a people; because a cold winter is coming, and We are going to need each other for warmth. We better start with looking in the mirror and deciding that you are beautiful, and you are put on this earth for a reason. Then We better recognize that many of the schisms that We have with each other are not only fixable but, most are not in dire straits either.

    Color Complex: Yeah, it exists but almost all African-Americans have never let such get in the way of loving Us; helping each other.
    Solution: Any Black who discriminates against another Black because of skin hue; should be destroyed. How? If they have a business-- don't patronize them. If they work with you--- ignore them totally; if you have to have contact with them, do your job, and run away from them when it is over; don't even speak to them. Respect yourself.

    Generation Gap: I don't believe there is one. We still are facing the same problems. Take from each generation an element that worked and use them all. example: During CR: Protests and Boycotts were brainchilds... sit-ins (to me, were stupid); they should have been building movie houses and cafes etc... Today: Protests and Boycotts are stupid---Just stop, and begin building...start in your apartment, or your home, if you have to...but begin...

    Class Warfare: Yeah, if We let those who want to destroy Us, do so. You think White and Black Racists don't like seeing Us play this hating game? They love it! Respect each other; have your say and move on.

    Some of you try, give examples of things that We need to huddle up on, and not let ourselves be divided....please.

    We need to start training on handling the media.
    We need to start training on Our presence in the media.
    We need to start a list of organizations all over the country that will assist in these kinds of things.
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    This is powerful Sister Happy (as usual) and when I have more time to reflect on this message, I'll return with my reactions.

    Thanks much for your contributions!
    Queenie :spinstar: