How do we Know Anything*

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    Take a lion out of the jungle...raise it in the circus and teach it to do tricks and what do you have? You have a lion that does tricks...but it is still a might even teach it to be friends with animals that it would normally eat...if it were out in its normal habitat...but it is still a wild animal waiting for its chance to be it matter what.

    What is DNA? a historical record from the time of creation and every thing that went on from then until is recorded in your genetic memory "Record" / "Bank".

    To understand takes reflection and we do this with out sometimes even thinking / realizing it. Even in our dreams...we (our mind) still reflect on the days activities because the mind computer...has to put all things in a format that it understands and sometimes we call this a sleep or awake the mind sees both as a reality. Sometime this is influenced by what you ate before you went to sleep.

    How do we know anything that we say we didn't experience first hand? How do we know we had ancestors? Today...most of us...just found out yesterday...that we do have ancestors...and are just starting to realize...the ancestors speak to us all the time...this is the voice you hear in your head that always warns and guides us...if we listen.

    If we think that we can only know what we experience then why do you say you experience the Lord and have a personal relationship with it? How can this be when this thing never existed in the first place...but we believed and had faith with all of our hearts and have been devoted to this thing all of our we say...and this still...does not make that thing real...but you have made yourself believe in it?!

    The truth is...every thing that ever happen in your / our past is recorded in your genetic bank...called DNA. You would not be here if it were not for your former self (ancestors) that is the producer of your present have always been...and you always You are your ancestors! And your ancestors are you! We are only here comes from life...and death is only the beginning of a new life...this is creation...that is still taking place and you are just a part of that...process / procedure.

    The day will come when you must can't stay here even if you wanted / choose to...when your time is finish in this life. We must go so that others will come...and that is the way it is. If you have have only taken part in the only procedure there is for others to be born / come into this life..."You don't own them" but are given the divine responsibility to nurture the future and you were also ware you are now. Everything in nature is a continues cycle...or circular motion in the communication between "Energies".

    Being spiritually handy-caped / dead...cuts off the communication of the energies that tells each other the all. How can you know anything when what you think you know...your real self that is your...nature has been mis-directed by false information that you have been given by those who know...that the only way to control to retard your thinking and there for your Spirituality Growth.

    Understand...That in the time of the ancestors the children were given over to the "High Priest"...who were all "Spiritual Masters" who had studied for 40 years...and who guided all of us to the correct (MA`AT) path through the deep devotional study of ancient archives (Kemetic Sciences) that were stored in the sacred (Grand Lodge) text called...MEDU NETERU...through successive "INITIATIONS" into (Great Book of Divine Ordinances) what the creator has laid out for us from the beginning of guide us in the "Divine Code of Human Behavior".

    And we lived by the code (77 Commandments) that instructed us through this life until the final "Transformation". We did not have to guess at life as we do today...we had at least a 700 thousand year head start then ware we don't have a clue or hardly a chance today!

    Today we have been spoiled and think that we know / have something to compare...what we don't know to what is. We don't have a thing to compare to what we (ancestors) had to what we don't have now that we call "Faith and Belief in what ever"...but you don't have the most important thing and that is your right mind or your Spirituality. We find it almost impossible to think outside of the Faith and Belief "Box" we are in that tells us nothing what ever...and if it did that means we already knew it before.

    There are men (priest) in the so-called "African Bush"...who communicate and have never met each other in the flush...but know each other if they were using a cell phone...this is common among those who are initiated in the Secret Spiritual Sciences...known to us as ATR.

    The experiences of the ancient past was taught to the that they would not unlike today...have to think they had to re-invent the wheel!
    We know nothing today...and can not know any thing except what the oppressors want us to know because we don't know ourselves and have lost contact with our former selves...the 'ancestors'. We are the only reason that they existed! And in the future they will say the same thing about you...and we / you...will be the only reason for them to exist...and to Know Thy Self.