Jails / Prisons : How Do We Keep Young Black Men From Going To Prison?


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Sep 12, 2009
Garvey's book reveals that the ratio of black men incarcerated in his time is the exact ratio as today..

If this was indeed the case, then suffice it to say that the current situation with which we have black males going to jail, is more than just fathers being absent from home.

Can we agree that the family unit was tighter back in the days of garvey then it is today?

However, if we insist that fatherless homes contribute to the high incarceration rate of black men, then what contributed to the high incarceration rate during the time of garvey?

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Sep 7, 2009

As long as we keep dealing with the branches of the tree as if it is the whole tree, we will never arrive at the answers we seek...and if we ever decide to see the tree instead of just the branches then we will still have to go to the roots of the tree to deal with it...and that is what we are most afraid of, because then we will have to begin calling it what it is and handle our business accordingly.
What, exactly, does this mean? I assume that by "calling it what it is", you mean calling it racism, but what do you mean by handling our business accordingly? What, exactly, would this mean as far as "How do we keep young black men from going to prison?" What goal or path are you referring to and what tangible objective are you suggesting we move towards in the act of handling our business accordingly?


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Feb 26, 2008
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Peace and Blessings Family,

How do we keep young Black Men from going to prison?

What must we do to stop this epidemic of lost life from our homes and communities?

Thanks in advance.



Via education. But not just the majority's education but supplemented with education that can actually be useful. And do not raise them with a riduculous sense of entitlement and don't make the world too easy for them. If the children are expected to go out into the world and accomplish anything.


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Sep 12, 2009
Via education. But not just the majority's education but supplemented with education that can actually be useful. And do not raise them with a riduculous sense of entitlement and don't make the world too easy for them. If the children are expected to go out into the world and accomplish anything.

Do you think a sense of entitlement, ridiculous or otherwise, is the reason why we find a disproportionate amount of black males in prison?


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Jul 2, 2003
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African Americans more influenced by new media than are other segments


Not only is influence of new media growing, it is much more influential among minority groups, says the report. Influence of new media is higher for Hispanics and African Americans across all new media forms compared to all adults. Alternatively, influence of new media for Caucasians is lower than the general market for all types
Blame media. Don't we always blame media. Whose fault is it we watch Flavor Flav date a dozen woman and find that entertaining?

Whose fault is it we allow our young teens to go to bloody movies like Saw and find violence acceptable?

Games like football, basketball, any team jersey selling. Get you promoting and not focused on lifes troubles. Are Arena traps designed no different than a three ring circus act.

A distraction that excites and pleases many. Keeping them from discussing the money makers selling them down the drain. One looks at the left hand while the right hand is in your world, your pocket, your life and sending all to ruin. ROME like put the ( slaves ) gladiators in... let them distract the crowds so there will be no demands from the king. Those watching are media junkies, known to have no ambition in many respects. poor yet will spend hard earned dollars on a jersey to flash.

Put a few in that look the same. They will cheer. They are designed to numb.

Watching TV young men see that to handle things is to do it by violence. Shooting for sure. If there were real thugs. They would stand there and wait for the police. Proclaiming they did it. Self defense or other wise.

Very young kids watching cartoons see the smacking and hitting of other characters. All that fighting to solve everything and win.

It is frustrating to know that society has laws that work against minorities, or those who can't afford good lawyers.

A good lawyer would write letters and stand up and let it be known. His client will fight all charges using his representation tooth and nail.

A good lawyer would intimidate and cause a loss of funds if a bogus case is continually persued by the prosecution.

It is true as stated here in a post.

The individual has to do all humanily possible to stay out of the system.

It was also stated
Via education.
which is true.

We all need education young and old need that education in forms of news letters, on the net, and by getting public access television time. A sixty second commercial or two.

Even a YouTube posting will work.

If the truth is delivered it will be received.

The Internet. " Martin's Dream". That we would some day be able to join hands ( come together as one communicating and using that medium to be free of social ills ) is here and now. Sleep on this and it will change. There are serious changes due 2012 related to the internet. It may cost you to post.

Internet space will run out by 2012, Vincent Cerf, Google VP


...Known by many as one of the "Fathers of the Internet," Cerf helped co-design the TCP/IP protocols and basic structure of the Internet.

...Cerf spoke Monday as part of the Darla Moore School of Business' Wachovia Bank Executive Lecture Series. He has been awarded more than 12 honorary degrees along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given by the federal government....

During his presentation on the state of the Internet, Cerf said he estimates that space on the Internet will run out by 2012 unless the current system is upgraded from version four to version six.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


IPv4 exhaustion
Main article: IPv4 address exhaustion

Estimates of the time frame until complete exhaustion of IPv4 addresses used to vary widely. In 2003, Paul Wilson (director of APNIC) stated that, based on then-current rates of deployment, the available space would last for one or two decades.[6] In September 2005, a report by Cisco Systems suggested that the pool of available addresses would dry up in as little as 4 to 5 years.[7] As of May 2009[update], a daily updated report projected that the IANA pool of unallocated addresses would be exhausted in June 2011, with the various Regional Internet Registries using up their allocations from IANA in March 2012.[8] There is now consensus among Regional Internet Registries that final milestones of the exhaustion process will be passed in 2010 or 2011 at the latest, and a policy process has started for the end-game and post-exhaustion era.[9]

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