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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Hoteph My Dear Beloved:

Beloved, what I am about to say will not be acceptable by Black People entrapped in the Human Being Mind and is a slave to the Human being Religion, and I say so, because the subject question, is a fair one, and should be dealt with fairly, meaning that, to be able to answer such a profound question, require that only the Divine Mind approach such a profound question.

So allow me to confront such a question that state " How Do We Deal With Evil In This World " and I will assume the We mean Black People, since we are the People evil has targeted to crucify in the name of God, the Human Being God, that I speak of.

Beloved, first of all, it was our first way Divine Ancestors that taught us that we must remain cognizant of the fact that Black People are only in the world and is not of this world, so since our every Life action should be about not being of this evil world, though we are in it, we should be able to avoid Evil that is in and of this world we live in, but we being not to be a part of the world of evil.

So, in keeping with the information passed on to us Black People, by our Divine First Way Ancestors, indicating that we are to know of ourselves to be not of this evil world, then the best way to deal with Evil in the world is to avoid such evil and we do that by reclaiming our Divine Mind, because it is our Divine Mind that elevate us above this evil world.

For us to deal with Evil, we will only find ourselves attempting to negotiate and compromise with Evil and I am here to inform you that Evil is not to be dealt with, because Evil beget evil and has no compassion for what we refer to as Love, because Love as described and defined by evil, it being those people referring to themselves as Human Being, such a Love reveal Weakness in the presence of Evil and Evil prey upon weakness and that is why the Human Being, by the creation of their religion, and its foundation be laced with what is referred to as Love, is able to triumph over Black People, because we abandon our Divine Mind for manifest Irrational Emotions, calling it Love, and believing that such a Love conquer all, because the Human Being Religious Bible tell you so, a Trick used upon a once Divine Black Nation, you who now present a question about Evil, implying that Evil can be dealt with, Evil make Deals only with Evil and Weaklings.

If only we would follow our Divine First Way Ancestors Teachings, A once Divine Black Nation would not be proposing such a Question, as if we Black People are obligated to deal with Evil and then end up suggesting that we do so with one of the most misunderstood emotions to be created by the Human Being, and used as a Major tenet in the Human being Religion.

No, No Beloved, Evil is not to be dealt with by Black People, it is only a force that affect those of us that have become a members of this World and the World is now controlled by Lucifer, such is an Evil World and the best way to deal with an Evil World is not to become a part of such evil, even though we may be in it, yet with our Divine Mind, it will elevate us above it, and will give us cause to Know that Evil is not to be reckon with by black People, just to be avoided, and to do that, it require that we remove ourselves out from the Evil of america environment.

Did not I tell you that you will not be fond of what I am sharing with you, why ? because Black People, regardless of how we now describe ourselves, we Despise the Divine Truth, because it is the Divine Truth that condemn the Human Being Religion and it is Religion upon which Evil stand.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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