The Front Porch : How did you find Destee?


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Jun 4, 2003
it may seem like a little thing..but I've noticed you have done it several times so i must mention name is deepy...i feel deeply..but the l you put in (i take it for love) is not in the's important to me because it is the name we had called my brother..deep or deepy..
i am sure it was unintentional...but chile...rememba me.. :luv: :luv: :jumping:


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Mar 21, 2001
I was a poet on Afronet where great poet's was flowing likes of
Bishop , the late watcher , Alyce and Amun-Ra , Dnommo , heartbeat
and a few more with Destee and when thing took a turn on us we started
leaving one by one and destee then gave birth to DESTEE.COM for the first
two months i didn't cross over but my bruthas and dear friend Bishop & watcher
told me to try it out it was run by Destee so i entered when it was so few of us
and not a lot of forums i walked in and got my flow on found love and peace
that's when i knew i had a mission here to fulfill so i took many by the hand as they entered here at the playground of to later merge with destee and
a great team of moderators and been beside our Mother Queen from that day
trying to help build a strong community for our people and today i sit back and
say wow! to what we have become sistah destee is magical and wonderful she
did what no one else would temp to do and made it work so here i am as one of
destee staff member and the last original moderator that started from the beginning
working beside destee has been wonderful through the years so i found destee's
from a great poet name BISHOP !
this been home so long i done carved my name on the floor board of the welcome
mat at the front door and back door so happy i made that transistion and cross
ova for what has been an very long walk and a great task going uphill with destee
and all the family here and the great staff , it's been long ago i came here and
delighted i did...........Thank u Destee for poetic playground and the
air space to be myself openly and feel free most humble to u Mother Queen.


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Mar 21, 2001
great deb0 welcome within happy you found us ...

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