The Front Porch : How did you find Destee?


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I first started posting back on Afronet
there was $$Rich$$, Baller, myself and a few others
who are no longer here. Destee was an administrator at the time for Afronet
and the forum was jumping. Then things changed. Destee resigned from Afronet
and the poets started having problems with haters on the forum and when complaints were
made to the admiinistration over at Afronet, nothing was done. Many of us were resigned to our fate of either grinning and baring the haters or leaving altogether. Many of us chose the latter, but during that time, Destee had created a new home one we affectionately called Destee's Playground...She sent out the call to those who wanted to be a part and a mass exodus began and we entered into this promised land of Poetry. Time back then was simple,we started out with just a few forum topics and a few poets, but the flow was evident in this place and we started growing by Xtreme numbers...Now this is a place that is overflowing with skillz and talents beyond poetry and this is just the beginning....the best is yet to come...



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Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI
A friend of mine told me about this site a while back. She caught me online one day and brought me over here to register on the forum. I did and she showed me around. She and I chilled out in the chat room with a sweet, sweet woman by the name of Remby. :D And I've been hooked ever since.


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Sep 21, 2003
I use to be a member of EbonyLove, it started getting boring, and I was having some trouble on it. I told myself I was done with things like that. Then a friend of mine put me on to Destee. She said it would be fun for me. Got to tell you, she was right.


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Aug 26, 2003
somewhere ova da rainbow....
Thank you family for sharing
how you found destee….
i know its more to come
and i will share mine as well....

:wave: [email protected] welcome to our community and
Please make yourself at home, because you are.
looking forward to your participation.
We also have voice chat hope to see you there as well.
And again welcome.


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Feb 9, 2001
In 1999 I was new to the internet and typed in "african american" in a search engine. It brought me to Afronet, which is where I started chatting under my former name, "Sparkle." There I met Destee and we hit it off right away. I especially admired the sister for all that she is doing and wanted to be a part of her "family" so I became a regular. I've visited other chatrooms but have always returned here. I've always liked the fact that this community is designed for us, is about us, and was done by us. is more than a chatroom or discussion truly is a community.

Pleace :heart:


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Oct 4, 2003
Interesting thread...I was interested in joining a poetry forum, and did a search on google. Now here I am, and happily so.

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