Black People : How Did You Feel, How Did You React, In 2008, Compared to How You Feel Now?

Sitting in front of the television. I was so glad he won. Yea, I screamed and cried. I don't know if I was happy because we had our first Black president or if I thought he would be good for the Black community, or both.

I bought every newspaper with the first Black president on the cover. Out of town friends and families were mailing me copies from their state. It was a time I will never forget.
For Much Of Black America, Election 2016 Has Been Rough

Kalena Boller remembers exactly where she was during Barack Obama's first presidential inauguration: at work. "I was the only Black person in the entire pre-production room."

... From then to now, it's been emotional-political whiplash. When asked to compare her joy that day to her experience watching the 2016 presidential campaign unfold, Boller said, solemnly, "I often times just want to go home, get under my bed, and just stay there. But I can't" ...


Quentyn Israel, 6, watches with his father and siblings as President-elect Barack Obama gives his victory speech on Nov. 4, 2008, in Denver, Colo.

John Moore/Getty Images


My son didn't have faith that American would let Barack win. He was in his bedroom doing his thing, while I was camped out in the living room, watching the minute by minute coverage.

When they announced that Barack had won, I shot up out of my seat and screamed so loud, "He won!" My son ran from his bedroom to the living room. He must have asked me a thousand times... "He really won?" And, then we were jumping up and down, dancing, and singing, "He won, he won, he won......!!!

It was a proud moment for us. In fact, I could swear that the next day the white folk I encountered were rolling their eyes at me, the same way they did after the OJ Simpson verdict.

Unlike many AAs, I am still proud of Barack for winning two terms and surviving all the crap he has had to endure.

And, I am glad that my son somewhat takes it for granted and doesn't realize how grand it is for an AA to make it to White House. Because, in his life, in his mind, the sky is the limit now.


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