Black Poetry : How Delilah dethroned a Panther in a wicker Chair

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    How Delilah dethroned a Panther from his Wicker Chair*
    By Andre Austin

    A mighty lady with a mission spell casting her lying lips
    Now you’re a prisoner on her master slave ship
    Her lying lips are now your own loose lips
    Taken as prisoner of war straight from her hips

    Hypnotized by the tears she shed
    You ate her poisonous Fig-Newtons ; now the casket is your permanent bed

    It was a quid pro quo a little give and a little take
    That girl blinded you along with your nose from the snow flakes

    She has no now you no longer have a will to follow
    Then uses Khon an ancient Egyptian to kill after binded by branch of Willow

    She casted you on her bed now you’ll do a little burning
    Now its time to get serious and have some Higher Learning

    Delilah a Warrior-Maid having magical powers
    Making men soft with drugged up scents of pretended flowers

    Enchanting souls making men weak at the knees and wonky
    Sent as a last ditch & trick effort from the Corporate Honky
    She cuts off your hair then rides you like a donkey

    She has found the secret to your strength of black Samson’s might
    The 7 dreaded locks on top of your head brought in the light

    Do you know the allegory of what I mean
    Your power was drained out when you spilled the beans

    Telling everyone Iam a Revolutionary: Overthrow the government is his stand
    It was a game of poker and you showed the gun in your hand

    In the wicker chair U didn’t hide the gun but brought out a flashlight
    Required equipment to get righteous women in the daylight

    Now with a shaved head you have no insight
    Never tell the enemy how, when and who you will fight
    A revolutionary on stage is the FBI’s spotlight and delight

    You didn’t listen to Big George* by turning your weapon into lamps
    Like millionaires walking the streets pretending to be homeless tramps

    Now they record everything you say and do under the sun
    Because you turned the direction of your penis and your gun

    Now you in the light when you should have kept it in the black
    Wise men don’t say what they are, they just get down and act

    Real warriors stay off the stage and like wine get more powerful with age
    They have mastered the art Confucius knowing how and when to camouflage

    But Delilah turned your heart and eyes to stone
    She was the devils last trick
    Went after her like a dog on a bone
    Not only cutting your hair but the power from your dick

    Hampering the reproduction to produce a generation of Revolutionaries
    When you been entrapped, Ensnared, and locked up in the penitentiary

    Note: *
    Funk musician, George Clinton did a parody of Huey Newton siting on a wicker chair with a flashlight instead of a gun.
    Inspired by a Rally for Angela Davis 1970’s
    7 Speeches p.106