Health and Wellness : How coronavirus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets .. or was sprayed


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Jul 2, 2003
Aerosols as virus delivery systems
Researchers don’t yet know how many individual pieces of SARS-CoV-2 an aerosol produced by an infected person’s cough might hold. But in one preprint study, meaning it is currently under peer review, researchers used a model to estimate that a person standing and speaking in a room could release up to 114 infectious doses per hour. The researchers predict that these aerosolized bits of saliva would easily infect other people if this happened in public indoor spaces like a bank, restaurant or pharmacy.


corona-virus-stimulus-package everybody reaching and all in need
Care givers in a battle not to quit trying to help.
Over worked tired and said they are stressed.
Seeing the trauma, being there when the patients pass. In place of Family that can't.
Leaves on the spirit of health care workers... a memory on the heart that does last.
A lifetime memory and they are suffering from the tragic stress too.
We all are we need and deserve better so we have to do..

I know in three more months or just a bit more.
We will see them so weak.. tired their immune systems will give in to a common cold
Then the front line collapses



Jul 2, 2003
South Florida Doctor Discusses the Possible Long Term Effects of COVID


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