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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You may be asking yourselves, what is like that mean, and I say it mean acting, behaving, and believing in a way that it serve to the detriment of the whole of the Black world and we are like that because we have become fitted into the mold of conventional belief, as we believe all things told to us Black People, that which is coming from every Tom, ****, and Harry, as long as they are not Black with a nativity of a base in Afrika.

    How come Black People are so full of dramatization and love to sensationalize events of happening that have no connection to having the ability to clear the Black present Mind, that which is so full of idol worshiping, ritualizing things that have not one thing to do with the Divine Truth, just centered in the profanity of make believe, as we attempt to create our own truth, based on a profane lie, as it be told to us by those people calling themselves Human beings, those we have developed a habit for, to the degree we now sacrifice our Life in their honor, without question, and we do so all in the name of a false God the Human Being introduced to the Black World in such a way that it tore down the Divine Mind that was originally in the place the Human Being Mind now occupy and control and that is why I ask, How Come Us Black Folks Are Like That!!!

    Like that in such a way Black people will deny the horror and misery the Black Life is going through, so that we do not have to face the Divine Truth of the fact about they that are causing the Black World Problems, a state of condition we rather lie about than face the self condemning Truth, about we Black People have been made to live a Lie, claiming to be in pursuit of the Truth that will save your Black soul and we do so because the Human Being told us that we must, that is if we expect to see Jesus when he come, as we hope that he will find us Black souls worthy to go back to heaven with him, so I ask, How Come Black Folks Are Like That ? Not now knowing that the Soul is not in need to be saved.

    How come Black People now refuse to trust each other anymore and make it to be socially popular not to Depend upon each other to share the Divine Truth about what is ailing the Life of the Black world, How Come We Rather follow that which is irrational to do, yet we do, as if it will spite those of us that do not follow anymore the Human Being Lies any more and now know the path that lead to the Eternal Infinite Divine Truth, such a Truth being capable of setting the Black World mind Free again.

    How Come Black People end up idolizing those that the Human Being has placed before the Black world as our leaders and we end up accepting the Human Being choice over the Right of us Black People making our on decision in whom we will place our Trust, and after a while, we after our total submission to our hand picked leaders, we no longer are qualified to reject them, Why? is it because we do not want to admit to our Black selves the Fools we have been made to be, forcing the Black World to become dishonest with ourselves, about what the Black world need to do in order to save the Black life, as we follow the Human Beings that choose our Black hand pick leaders for the Black world to follow, requiring that they have no accountability to the Black World?

    Is not the question appropriate, inquiring How Come Us Black People Are Like That, you know, like accepting a religion we know nothing about, other than what the Human Being told us concerning religion and this include all religions, White, Jewish, Black, Arab, informing us about that which is what we need and is required to accept, promising a reward in heaven if we just believe everything the religion tell us to do, and believe about our Black Life, as if we Black Folks never had any Home Training about God, The Universe, and our Black Selves, as we are told by the Human Being that we represent evil and our Ancestor is of the so call Monkey family and that we Black People represent the intelligent Weakling on this Planet, when compared with the Human Being, they representing the Caucasian ( White ) People and their progeny and we question not what is told by white people to us, yet question everything that come from Black People to the Black World, concerning God, Universe, and our Black Selves, coming from the Human Being, How Come Black People are Like That?

    So full of that which only require us to believe and demand we Black People not to Think and such obedience is what have the Black world in our Present Life state of condition today, so yes, I ask, How Come black People Are Like That, full of Symbols without the Knowledge to Understand, Drunk on Rituals and Profane Traditions claiming to be that which we created, when in fact all that we presently do and believe is rooted in the ways and action of the Human Being, a force that now have risen to be able to control the World, all because we do not know How Come Black People are Like That, and the That being the now spitting character of the Human Being and have come to believe it is the Natural way for Black People to be, How Come Black People Are Like That?

    Being Like That is what have the Black World in a Dying Condition, both Physical and Mental, yet in our Dying Hour, the Black world appear to be Hypnotize into committing Suicide without hesitation, all because we have been made not to Think any More and to Believe Everything those whom we have been conditioned to hold up and idolize as our Black Leaders, as we will not accept the fact that those Black Leaders are not qualified to tell us what we do not Know, because they only are qualified to teach us what we already been taught by the Human Being and that is why the Black World is in our Present condition and have been religiously taught to Humbly accept without objection, because Jesus is coming to save our Black Lives, How come black People are Like That?

    Black People Abhor Freedom, Justice, Peace, Joy, and Independence, Principles of Value that require Thinking People, in order to enjoy such Dynamic Principles, yet we love the condition that cause Black people to Suffer, because we Black People have been programmed to believe that, as intense our Suffering is, the closer we get to Heaven to be with Jesus, How Come Us Black People are Like That?

    Black People now Scattered to the Four Corners Of this Earth, away from our Central Base and those of us that remain in the center of our Earthly Base, we now have allowed that base to become contaminated with the ways and action of the Human Being and now we have become to act and behave as they do, so much so, until we now are a contributing factor to the on going demise of the Black World, as we now religiously make claim to be Black and Divine no more, as we proudly accept our acquired Brand New Identity, it being Afrikan Human Being, trapped within all of their attributes, now having as well, the reputation of being a Liar and Deceiver to ourselves, How come Black folks Are Like that?

    Is It Because we have been made to be incapable of Thinking about our black selves as we once were, Divine Black Being with the Knowledge and Understanding about God, Universe, and our Black Selves, which constitute the Divine Soul, mind, and Spirit of the Divine Black Being that did come to this planet call Earth and present a civilization that will not be Matched, not until the Black world is qualified to Know whom we are, Divine Black Beings are who we are, yet we have been placed within a mental straight jacket, causing us to believe we are not worthy to Think of ourselves to be more than what the Human Being has tricked us into believing about our Black Selves and it is such Mental Depravity, that has the Black World to be the most disrespected People in the World and it does not affect us to cause us to become committed to reclaim our Divine Mind, How come we Black People Are Like that.

    When You Come Up With The answer, I will know, when I see The Black World Rising based on our own independent Physical and spiritual Strength, having only One Objective and Goal in Mind, which will be to Reclaim Afrika and Unite The Black World In Afrika, then I will know How come We Are No Longer Like That.

    Let The Wise Know What Has Just Been Shared With you.

    Here Is Loving You


    Chief Elder
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