Black People : How Capitalism Works: The Art of screwing the people

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    How Capitalism Works: The Art of screwing the people

    By: ComradeRed

    :: May 18 2004 :: Capitalism is hailed as the most "effecient" economic model that works. It is as glorified in America as the gods of Rome. But why would the ruling class hail it on? Moreover, why would they cheer on no government laws on the economy? (Laissez-faire) We must examine how capitalism works in order to understand why the capitalist class cheers on laissez-faire, and how they convince the lemmings of corporate imperialism that communism, socialism, et al. is the work of the devil.

    Capitalism works as such: there is capital (i.e. the means the bourgeoisie acquire wealth), a capitalist class (the class that owns the capital), and the working class (the proletarian). The proletarian slave on the capital to produce wealth for the capitalist class, i.e. the proletarian is getting paid for his labor . Now, allow me to make an equation to draw this out mathematically; there is a number of factories that produces commodity b , and the quota per factory is c number of commodities per month. This leaves d numeber of proletarian per factory, or ad number of proletarian employed by the owner of the factory (the capitalist). There are a number of factory foremen (petty bourgeoisie, or bourgeoisie of a micro-portion of a greater bourgeoisie) who 'encourages' the proletarian to work harder. Allow me to use real numbers , there are 50 factories who's quota is 5000000 'widgets', meaning that the quota-per-factory is 100000 widgets. There are 20 workers in a factory who makes 5000 widgets a month, if each widget is sold for $5 then the revenue is 25 million dollars. The proletarian is paid minimum wage (take somewhere in the US for example) so that is $5 an hour and works 40 hours a week. That is 80000 dollars in wages, there are 50 petty bourgeoisie who get paid 320000 dollars. That leaves 24.6 million dollars left for the bourgeoisie, that is $24600000!!!!! For what? For doing nothing but sitting on his butt and finding buyers for his 'widgets' . And this, my friend is theft, the basis of capitalism. Of course, this is in America , the corporate tyrants and oligarchs (modern bourgeoisie) set its gaze onto third world nations and set up sweat shops there! Thus they could increase the number of commodities produced and cut the wages of the proletarian by 5 fold.

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