Black People : How Can You Speak Truth About Hate Without Speaking Truth About The Hateful Things Done By Hating People???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
How Can You Speak Truth About Hate Without Speaking Truthful About The Hateful Things Done By Hating People???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

There is certainly a change and a difference in the way Black Afrikans behave today toward those 0f us Black people who wear the spirit of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism in a very honest and serious proud way today.

The Black Revolutionary Nationalist Pan Afrikans do not get the honor and respect from Black Afrikans as Black Afrikans did in the past, in fact, which they did show to the Black Nationalist of Chattel Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation era of Time, a time when Racism and Unjust Prejudice was a common overt display of a spirit of action acted against Black Afrikan people by that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being and his Surrogates.

The claim being made by white deceiving hypocritical America being a representative of a Paragon of Free Speech rights of expression, is an overt lie, such freedom does not Black Afrikans Nationalist Pan Afrikans have in America nor in the outer World control by the White Racist Oligarchs Filthy wealthy Luciferian White Human Beings and their partner in crime being committed against Black Afrikan people.

The one Black revolutionary Divine Conscious Black Afrikan people of today, small in number because we are not accepted by that white racist Luciferian Human Being, therefore, not accepted by the Brand New Black Afrikan Human Beings, they who have given up their Nature of Design Birth Right to be looked upon and be spoken well of by our oppressors, we Black Afrikans Race of a people are a people with a loss of the Mental energy with a level Divine Thinking ability that provided a Divine quality of Intelligence that generated a mental ability to have our Ancient Divine Black Ancestors to be with such a high quality of Mind that qualified our Divine Black Ancestors to know what the Divine Essence, God Is, that intellect is what qualified our Ancient Cosmic Divine Universal Ancestors to construct the Greatest Civilization ever to be witnessed by Living Anthorpormorphis Being with a Mind Intelligence that was able to See to Think Divinely about all they were able to see to know, they were Universalist in Nature of Mind, beloved.

The entire claim of Free Speech being an unalienable Right is meant to be for that white racist Luciferian Human Being,and so call hate speech is a mental status that white racist created to be unacceptable expression so to protect that white racist hating of Black Afrikan behind, Lucifer constructed a FireWall of protection around the evil they do against Black Afrikan people, preventing Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Revolutionaries from Freely speaking the Divine Truth about his evil racist hateful behind and lock Black Afrikans up for hating hate!!!

Yet, in his religious doctrine which he has Religious believer to bow too, he has you believing that his created religious God Hate Evil, yet, Religion serves as the foundation of Evil, there is no greater evil than a liar and deceiver portraying himself as a God of extreme Passion of Forgiveness, which imply that you are prone to be in violation of that white racist created God Commandments that toys with a Mind that is under the control of that Racist Created God Religious Doctrine, oh how you have been deceived by Lucifer Religion my Black People, you who once was with Knowledge of what the Divine Essence, God Is!!!

Now, here you are living under the will and control of that white Racist liar, he who has conditioned you to show no more respect for the Revolutionary Divine Minded Black Nationalist Pan Afrikanist, we who see evil and detest it, speak of it with a passion of Divine Truth which have us speaking of the Hate in description term about the Hate that drives that white Racist Human Being which he explicitly express and act against Black Afrikan people, a spirit I hate with Divine Passion and do not apologize for speaking the Divine Truth about the Evil been and is still being done against Black Afrikan People.

There is no more invitation extended to Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans to come on College/Universities Campuses to speak the Divine Truth about what is seen through the Mind eye of Devout Divine Black Nationalist, so what happens, Black Students and Organization no longer has a Mind that drives them to invite Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans to come to Speak Divine Truth about the evil being done still against the Black Afrikan Race, it is the Divine information not under the command of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

So, You wonder why the world is on its way to becoming Anti-Nature in Mind and Spirit, a condition surly to be the cause of the Demise of Black Divine Spirituality En To"To, And Of Afrika Change to be Afrika no more.

Woe is You Black Afrikans who live today observing the Demise of the Black Afrikan Race, by you showing no respect with a Desire to have True Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikan Proper, to come into your midst and share with you what they see to know is the solution to the problem that white racist has created for Black Afrikans to passively accept as being a Gospel Truth that has caused the Conversion of a once Divine Black Universal Mind .

Divine Respect

Consciousness Raising Online!

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