Black Entertainment : How Can We Start a Movie Production Company to Promote Black Love?

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by blackisbeautiful, Jan 22, 2012.

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    In another thread, it was revealed that George Lucas used $93 million of his own money to produce Red Tails, a movie that talks about the Tuskegee Airmen.

    It is sad that a white man is doing this... we should be doing this ourselves. If we can have 80+ HBCUs in our country, we can make a movie production studio.

    There is already Nollywood, where Nigerians sell movies amongst Africans. Why not create a similar concept for African Americans?

    How would we do it? My vision is to create a movie production studio where the average man can get his voice heard if he has enough money. Commercials can be $1,000, movies can be $10,000 and so on. The main point is that if we have a movie production company of our own, we won't have to rely on the George Lucases of the world to create OUR story.