The Front Porch : How can i meet a Teacher? am very serious please help me

peace and welcome.......

I would suggest meditation and some sort of nature activities..... canoeing, rowing, paddle boat, nature walks, tree climbing.

Other than that, i would only caution you seeking out a 'master' on any forum.. Just relax and read thru the threads of your interest in the 'SPIRITUAL FORUM' and take it from there....

- also, be careful with your wording. The 'master' of this site is a SISTER and some of our sisters might think you think only brothers can be what you refer to as 'masters'........

btw, a true 'master' will never admit she/he is that and would probably wait in the 'dark' to see if he/she feels you are ready for what they have to offer..

There are no masters here...Info has given you good advice. Welcome we are all seeking the comfort and humble fellowship with one another...I will keep you in my most thoughts and meditations be blessed.


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