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    How can I believe other human incarnations like Krishna, Buddha and
    Mohammed when my Bible says that only Jesus is God in Flesh?

    Swami: Bible says that Jesus is the God in flesh, but Gita says for a Hindu,
    That Krishna is the God in flesh, let us analyse both these views?
    I am not touching Buddhism and Islam in this topic because Islam believes
    That Mohammad is not God in flesh and He was only messenger of God.
    Buddhism keeps silent on the God and no question of God in flesh for them.
    If the Bible told that Krishna was not God in flesh or if Gita told that
    Jesus was not God in flesh, then both Bible and Gita are valid.
    When the scriptures does not mention like this in complete version
    How can you interpret your own scripture in the other way?
    More over all of you whether Christians or Hindus have to accept
    The concept of one God, there is no other alternative way in this.
    You say that your God created this entire world and Hindus say that
    Their God created this same entire world, unfortunately my dear friends!
    I do not find two worlds and I find only one world! Now tell me

    Whether this single entire world is created by Christian God or Hindu God?
    One of you or both should be wrong and in that case who is wrong?
    Either you should have two separate worlds or you should have single God.
    If both the scriptures are wrong and both Gods did not create this Universe
    Then the vote goes to Science, which says that the world exists by itself.
    They say that nobody created this world and it is self-existent.
    Since both are sacred scriptures, let us solve this problem by analysis.
    If you are rigid of your own scripture, I am not touching you at all.
    If one is rigid where is the place for logical analysis and judgement?
    In the court if one party says that what ever it says is the only truth
    What is the necessity of the court, advocates, arguments and judgement?
    If you leave rigidity and become flexible to accept the truth
    After analysis only, you are most welcome to my Universal Spirituality.

    Even in the small worldly matters, we apply open mind and analysis,
    I wonder why you are not applying the same open mind and analysis
    In such most important spiritual knowledge which decides everything.
    The word Jesus stands for Human Incarnation and similarly the word Krishna.
    In scriptures, we have to take the internal meanings and not simple external
    Meanings for the sacred words, each word is ocean of divine knowledge.
    Bible says that the lamb will come in red robe, here what is the meaning
    For the word lamb? Is it simple animal with four legs and one tail.
    Does this mean that Jesus will come again as animal? Here you say
    That the word lamb stands for the Lord who is pure and innocent
    Like the lamb, at one place you take the inner meaning and at other place
    You take the external meaning! Therefore, the word Jesus means God in flesh,
    Which means that the Lord comes in human form with blood and flesh.

    This is a great concept, which Jesus tried to establish to the devotees.
    Till then the Islam believed only in the formless God called Allah.
    Islam does not treat Mohammad as God in flesh even today.
    Jesus told that He and His father are one and the same, what does this mean?
    Here the word father does not mean Joseph, the husband of His mother Mary.
    If you take the meaning of the word of father in the external sense only
    It is impossible because two human beings cannot be one and the same.
    That Creator is indicated by the word father and human incarnation by the word Jesus
    Both are one and the same since God pervaded all over the human incarnation.
    If you take the meaning of the word Jesus as a particular human body only,
    Then the meaning of the word father should also mean another particular human body.
    In that case both the human bodies cannot be one and the same because
    We are seeing the father and the son represented by two separate human bodies.
    Similarly Jesus told that one could reach His father only through Him.

    This again should mean that nobody could see or meet Joseph without Jesus.
    But it is not so because several people have seen Joseph even before Jesus was born.
    You are taking the inner meaning for the word father and say that father means God.
    But for the word Jesus you are taking a particular human body only.
    This is not justified and even a child will contradict this different approach.
    When it is said that Jesus will baptise by fire, does it mean Jesus will sprinkle fire?
    In such case the baptized person will be burnt with fire, therefore, the word fire
    Means Knowledge as said in Gita “Jnanaagnih”, moreover if you stick the word
    Jesus to a particular human body only and if you say that Jesus exists even now,
    Please show Me Jesus as the same human body to My eyes also, in the past
    When Jesus was alive everyone could show Jesus as human body to anyone.
    Whether a believer or a non-believer saw Jesus as human body in the past.

    Now the situation is not the same, you say that you have seen Jesus.
    How to believe this unless you show Jesus to Me also just like in the past.
    The difference between the past and the present is that there was human body
    In the past called as Jesus and at present that human body does not exist.
    You have seen Jesus, no doubt, I agree and give value to your pure devotion.
    You have seen the energetic body of Jesus now, therefore, there are two bodies
    The past human body made of matter and energy and the present energetic body
    Which is made of only radiation, now Jesus should not mean any of these two bodies.
    In such case there should be two Jesuses, i.e., the climax of the foolishness.
    There is only one Jesus who is embedded in the two bodies as the common entity.
    You please analyse at least your own word “God in Flesh”, what does this mean?
    Do you mean that the flesh is God? In such case you should say “Flesh-God”.

    Your own word clearly indicates two separate items called God and Flesh.
    God in Flesh means that God is present in the Flesh, which is the human body.
    You are uttering a word and you don’t analyse your own word! I pity you!
    If you say “Water in Vessel”, it means Water and Vessel are separate items.
    Water can be in another Vessel also, Water can be in a bottle also.
    Water can be in a pot also and Water can be in a jug also,
    Similarly, God can be in several human bodies like Jesus, Krishna etc.,
    When you utter the word Jesus, does it mean God or Flesh? Since both God and Flesh
    Are not one and same, you must specify the meaning of the word Jesus.
    You have used a third word apart from the two words God and Flesh.
    Your third word should mean either God or Flesh or some other third item
    If you mean both God and Flesh put together as the meaning for the word Jesus,
    Then, the Flesh is not seen now because you mean that old human body only as Flesh.
    Now this means that half of the meaning of the word Jesus disappeared.
    Therefore, the word Jesus can have only the half meaning i.e., God.
    Since God is omni-present, God did not disappear with that Flesh.
    Therefore, the best solution is that the word Jesus represents the eternal God.
    Now you can say that Jesus will come again because the eternal God can come

    Again in some other Flesh, if you mean Flesh only by the word Jesus,
    Jesus will never come again because that Flesh can never appear again.
    That Flesh was decomposed into molecules and atoms and merged in the world.
    How can you bring back those particular molecules and atoms from the nature
    And again construct the same Flesh? If that is possible you can bring any dead person
    In the similar way and that dead decomposed human body should reappear.
    Take the help of logic and Science also in discussing the spiritual points.
    When God is the source of this entire creation or nature, He is the source of
    All the Knowledge with the help of which, you can discriminate the truth and false.
    After analysing and fixing the goal, then you can have firm blind belief.
    During the fixation of goal you should not be blind and should not be
    Carried away by other blind fellows, after reaching the Delhi city
    You can close your eyes and you may roam in any direction, you are in Delhi.
    But while travelling towards Delhi you should be very alert and proceed in the
    Correct path only, if you roam as you like you cannot reach the Delhi city.

    Therefore, Jesus will come again means that the Human Incarnation will come
    Again and again for every generation in order to avoid the partiality.
    God is impartial and should not bless only one generation, according to you
    There is no human rebirth and then if one human generation was only blessed
    By the association of Holy Jesus, what about the other human generations
    Which have no rebirth and have lost the golden chance of association of
    Holy Jesus forever? What about the human generations present in other countries
    Which did not even hear about Jesus though they existed at that time?
    There was no fault from their side since at that time other countries are not
    Having inter links and the communication gap was not their mistake.
    Jesus should have communicated to other countries by His special power.
    In such cash at least some people might have run to His place and might have
    Had the golden association of Holy Jesus, since He was only the Saviour.
    Now you may say that one can worship Jesus because He is eternal.

    Very good, because at least the communication is given to all the countries.
    But what about those unfortunate people who did not have even this opportunity?
    Today I shall go to hell because I do not believe Jesus even though you told me
    About Jesus so much, but what about those ancient people who did not even
    Hear the name of Jesus just because of the communication gap existed.
    God should have communicated to all the countries about Jesus at that time.
    God is omnipotent and for Him it would have been very easy to do so.
    Your rigid concept is making your own God partial and impotent.
    The only way to solve this problem is to accept that God came
    To all the countries simultaneously in different Human forms and preached
    The same spiritual knowledge in different languages on this earth.
    Now the problem is solved because there is no necessity for the God
    To communicate about Jesus to other countries, since same Jesus came
    To all the countries simultaneously and taught the same knowledge.

    Now God became impartial and can remain omnipotent in this matter.
    To suit different cultures, the same human incarnation might have come
    In different names and with different dress to suit into different civilisations.
    Now Bible and Gita are one and the same subject wise, different language wise.
    By this did you loose the greatness of Jesus in any way? In fact, His greatness
    Is multiplied several times, if you say that your teacher has gone abroad
    And gave lectures in their languages, you feel your teacher is very great.

    Similarly your Jesus has come to all the countries and taught the same subject
    When your teacher goes abroad, is he not wearing the dress of that country?
    So far never Jesus came in the same form and never Krishna came
    In the same form, Jesus says that He will come again and Krishna says
    That He will come to this earth whenever the spirituality and justice
    Are disturbed, you say that Jesus did not die when he was crucified.

    Similarly Hindus say that Krishna never died and He was eternal.
    But no body has seen Jesus or Krishna in the same Human body, never!
    People might have seen some energetic forms, which are not physical.
    Since Jesus has several super powers, He came in different human forms
    To all the countries simultaneously and gave the same benefit to all.
    Don’t you agree that Jesus can have this super power? If you agree that
    He had all types of super powers, then there is no contradiction in this point.
    Moreover, the use of such super power to come simultaneously to all countries

    To teach the same spiritual knowledge makes Jesus impartial Father.
    This also supports that Jesus created this entire Universe and is Father of all
    The human beings scattered in different countries on this earth.
    This concept broadens the personality of Jesus to unimaginable boundaries,
    Where as your concept limits Him to a limited body limited to a particular time only.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony

    Universal Spirituality for World Peace
    [email protected]***************************
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    Both Krishna and Buddha are so-called African Men*


    When one or any is well versed in (europian) western ideas one is well versed in distortion, fabrication and most of all "Illusions"...but not the "Truth". When one is well versed in "Right-Knowledge", "knowledge of Self" or " is well versed in the "Realities of the Truth of Life on this Planet" or the Natural Order of Things. It is well known among those who are learned in "Anthropology, True History, Theology of Time based in Spirituality...That the so-called "Lord Krishna was and is a (Dravidian, Sudanise, African) Black Man who lead his African People to victory over the "Invading Aryan Indo-Europians" who came out of the "North" above the land area now called "India". General "Krishna's" name was then added in time to a "New" diabolical plan Concocted by the Aryan worshipers of the "Bull" whom they called "Brahma" at the time and still do to this day...added the name of the Black African Sudanise Dravidian General Warrior..."Krishna" to the "New-Religion" the Aryans then called "Hindeuism" only to "Trick, Fool, Hoodwink, Bamboozel, Run-Amuck the minds and lives of the African Dravidians into worshiping the False Docterins of Sanctified Racism that is still practiced today. Now the (Sudanise) African Dravidians are called "Un-Touchables" by the Crazy, Aryan, Hindew Indo-Europian or Indians who "Only" ever practiced and still Oppress the Black Men, Women and Children in India and who are Fighting at this very minute for their "African-Liberation"...they are also called Dalits.
    Buddha was and is a "Kemet" prist who left "Africa" and went into "India" to open a branch of the "Kemite" School of Spirituality ware the Africa, Sudanise, Dravidians, Dalits could be "Initiated" into the African Traditional System of "Right-Knowledge". The oldest copies (Images) of Brother Buddha are all African with Black face, kinky hair, big lips and nose. But over the years and centuries his "image" became to look more and more like the people who calim they follow him but are not African. In China Buddha looks Chinese, In Japan Buddha looks Japanise, In India he now looks Aryan except in places ware his "Real-and more Original Images still survive".........African.........Know Your Self*


    Indian Flag does not represent Rajputs !

    Why Rajputs do not accept the Indian tricolour flag.
    South/Southeast Asia Library | UC Berkeley Library

    Note: All that is said here can easly be verified through ones own "Rescerch" and study of History, Anthropology and origins of peoples. Krishna, Buddha are well known to be just who thay are (African) and not the "exploited" versions we have come to know as the present "Distorted-Images" that would lead Africans to think that these Great figures were other than so-called Africans.
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    Thank you for your nice reply
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    About Jesus the Christ*


    At the Europian Councel of "Nicea" in the year 325 A.B.C.E. the "Creature" of "Jesus the Christ" was created and only then was determind to be present to the world as another Europian Image of Devine. There has never ever been a person who walked the "Earth" by the Name "Jesus the Christ" and the histoy prooves this and not any proof what ever to the other wise..."Except" in the "Fabricated Doctrins of the Greek, Binzantem, or Roman writings...being that the three mentioned are all one in the same people whos use of names are only to confues History. Before the "Concoction" of the creature of Jesus the Christ and during the time of the Europian and indo-Europians "Invasion" into Kemet (Africa) or Egypt as it is Falsely called today by the (Arabs) Squaters who are there a place they did not establish or belong. The "First Europian so-called Pharoh" by the name "PotolomyI Sotar" made himself out to be a "False-G-d" to be worshiped and with out going into the full history..."He"..."Potolomy Sotar"...became "Serapis" the "Christ" and his prist were all called Bishops of "Christ". Noteing that at this time there was no such thing as "Jesus the Christ" ever! Years later history brings us to the Councel of Nicea 325 A.B.C.E when "Serapis was changed to the creature name "Jesus the Christ". (Then the Serapis Temple was orderd to be Distroyed and buried to "Hide" the "Truth" of the "Lie" thay had "Concocted" in "Secret") in "Reality" Jesus is not the "Son" of any "G-d" except in the figment of Europian Imagination and Concoction to prop up a False System of Worship called White Supremacy. But I am sure you all ready know all of this and find it hard to believe "We" know it too. The proto-type of Sanctified Racism use in "India" by the "Aryan" or INdo-Europians...called Hinduism but it is just another False form of the same system of White Superimacy.........African Know Thy Self*


    Serapis (Sarapis)

    Serapis (Sarapis)

    Note: The General under Alexander the Barbarian Thief name was Potolomy then changed to Potolomy Sotar (The first of the Potolomy Dynasty) then his name was changed to "Serapis" and worshiped under penalty of "Death" for any who refused. Then at the councel o "Nicea" Serapis was changed to "Jesus the Christ"...the Fake Europian "Sun of God" that has the "World Messed Up to this very Day"...False, Fabricated, Concocted, Lies only to prop up the False, Evil, Wicked System of White Superimacy.
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    You shouldn't believe other incarnations other than the Holy Son of the Scriptures, who came from the Most High, our Father. Others before He came were false, and other after are likewise false. We, as faithful, must keep out eyes open to the truth as it has been presented when the Son sacrificed His own body for our salvation.

    It was He who was resurrected from the dead on the 3rd day, and He who promises life to those who remain faithful and in belief. No other could do this as He has done, nor make such a promise to keep.

    Just be faithful and believe, and He'll show you He is in the Father, and only those who believe in His Way.