Black Spirituality Religion : How can animal births be treated as hell?

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    How can animal births be treated as hell?

    [In your attempt to reconcile reincarnation vs. permanent heaven/hell, You say that repeated animal births are also a permanent hell. The Bible clearly says that in hell, the souls retain the ability to feel pain and reason (thinking). Animals do not think and do not remember their past births. If you say they are being punished, they do not even know why they are being punished. They will not learn anything from the punishment and will continue with their sinful ways if they get human birth. Also animals cannot be said to be suffering because they do not even know any better life. How can this be the hell described in the Bible?]


    Sinners are like animals. You can see that a thief continues with his quality in spite of intensive third degree treatment (severe beating and torture) in the police station. According to your version, he should realize his mistake because he is a human being and not an animal. How do you know that an animal does not realize its mistakes? Just because it keeps silent? You always depend on one scripture and your argument is always unidirectional. If you read life history of Shirdi Sai Baba, there is an interesting story. One day He found a snake swallowing a frog. Sai told His devotees that both the snake and frog were human beings in the previous birth and that they stabbed each other for the sake of property. Then Sai scolded the snake and frog “Are you not ashamed of your behaviour which continues from the previous birth”? The snake left the frog and went away. The animals realized on the warning from the Lord. Sometimes, you find two human beings fighting with each other. They do not separate inspite of your repeated warnings. If you simply depend only on the Bible or the Gita, there is no use of any discussions with you. You must be a sea-frog and not a well-frog as said by Swami Vivekananda. [You must have an open mind free of conservatism]. You must examine all the scriptures impartially and only, then can you arrive at true knowledge.
    I see yourself as a pure colorlesscolourless crystal with a pure innocent heart like a child, which imbibes the color of any substance near you. You say that logic should be avoided. This means that you must follow whatever somebody says to you without analyzing it. Now I will also say something. Just follow it without analysis. You always analyze My statements because I said that you should analyze every statement. But I mean that you should analyze every statement of every person. Someone says that you should follow his statement without analysis. You simply accept that without analysis. What I mean is that you should analyze both of us and arrive at the truth. If you are against logical analysis, why are you analyzing My statements only? You must follow My statements blindly too. Is it said anywhere that the statement of an Indian guy should be analyzed and your version of ‘beyond logic’ does not apply to Indian guys?