Black People : How are we, as a Nation best suited to serve Humanity?

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    How are you best suited to serve Humanity?

    When we ask this question of ourselves, it often leads to a deeper introspective view of our destiny. Obviously we are all here to serve right? This means, each one of us has an ability that is relative to this history at hand.

    An honest answer to that question might lead to wealth and affluence, health and well-being.

    But can we answer that question on a collective level?

    How are we, as a Nation best suited to serve Humanity?


    By now, we've all heard "theories" about our destiny and purpose here. But reality speaks louder than words.

    There are patterns in our history that indicate what our "suit" is.

    It is not the Uniforms sewn up for us by White Media. While they are relevant to our social status, they are not relevant to our spiritual status.

    The "service" of Humanity deals with our ability to handle a problem, or at times create them.

    We are all afterall here in this Universe as programs or processes designed to either solve problems or create them. We have accumulated enough problems, so we are in an age of problem solving. And perhaps in time we will return to an age where we need the problems. Is War really a solution, or the creation of a problem?

    We have many names for people who create problems. But without these people, those of us who specialize in solving problems would have nothing to do, and therefore and infinite Universe would have no purpose.

    How are you best suited to serve Humanity?

    Imagine that one morning there is a knock at your door. When you open this door, the entire world is standing out there begging for your help. The entire world says to you, we cannot go on unless you help us. There is something that you have, that we need.

    What would you give the world?

    When you find the answer to that question, you will also find the path to your wealth. P.S: Wealth isn't always about money.

    The truth is...the scenario I just gave you is not fantasy. If it were fantasy you wouldn't be here. The entire world is always standing outside your door begging for your help. And the world cannot go on without it.

    Some of us already know the answer to this question. Now we must take this concept and apply it to our Nation as Black and Afrikkan people in the world.

    What is our purpose here? Is our failure to advance ourselves beyond the realms of our oppressors due to our lack of a purposeful life?

    How are we, as a Nation best suited to serve Humanity?

    The world is waiting for your response.....