Black People : how are the USA sawn by the "rest of the world"

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    Hi everybody
    If i'm writting this topic that's because i'm fearing the worst for your future(your future because i'm french).i've read in the news today that USA are overtaxing steel coming from Europa,China etc...I knew that this is not new. What's new is that the Worldwide Trade Organisation has blamed the USA for having such a behaviour and guess what? WASHINGTON DON'T GIVE A ****!
    So i ask you : are you over the international organisms ? how long will you continue in that way ?
    USA are having a problem : they are only concerned by themselves and their own interests.
    another exemple of that kind of behaviour which had flabbergasted me : the measures everybody is trying to take to reduce the green-house effect and the USA (i should say Bush) which don't want to do anything even if they are the biggest polluter of the world . And why? because of MONEY. the money,the cash...USA want to protect its economy at all cost.even if the nature is being destroyed, even if that mean taking ILLEGAL measures to reduce importation from countries belonging to the rest of the world.
    at that time you must be thinking : "again a f*cking french who is against america!"
    but know this i like america and that's why i feal concern about your behaviour.
    you cannot go farther in that way, considering that any measures which would go against the interests of the USA should not be taken.there are some causes that are over all others : for exemple ecology. we are wasting our planet a little more everyday, what are we going to leave to our children ?
    the way USA is driven is very dangerous because the world hate you.
    i've spend 2 years by the university and i've been amazed to see that i couldn't find anybody there who had a good opinion of america. they were all telling me USA made them hungry, and that they thought the american were stupid.this is because i disagree with that opinion that i write this topic. you have to change your policy . how ? by voting.
    voting is a very important thing , see us in france : for the last election of the president, many people did not vote at the first ballot and the result is that we could have had a fascist for president ! you have to vote, you musn't choose for president Bush!that guy would be a great president if the USA were alone on the world and if pollution did not exist but that's not the case!
    so i send you this topic because you are the one who are making america, it is up to you to make a turn and to realise this : most of the people don't like you. even here in france. the young generation which is going to make the france of tomorrow hate you.they only consider you as a way to make money. they don't want to know about your culture, to know what are your problem...THEY DON'T FEEL THEY HAVE A DEBT TO YOU BECAUSE YOU'VE DELIVERED FRANCE in 45! and even if we have a debt , does that mean that we should let you do everything ? am i going to let my mother kill a retiree because she brought me to life?

    i've been a little long but i'd really like you to realise you have to change to adapt to the world because the world don't want to adatpt to you. and we are leaving on the same planet : Earth.
    i hope your generation will make a turn , i like america i don't want to see it being isolated. it's time you change everything it's time you start to LISTEN to the others.
    be warned : USA are rushing down a track which is a dead-end

    From France
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    So, to recap, the US is greedy and'll get no arguments from me on that.

    Yes, the US uses world resources likes it's going out of fashion.
    One country, one --that one being the morally decayed gluttonous behemoth devil reprobate we refer to as the United States-- accounts for something like 40% of the world's energy use!!

    And when those precious resources begin to become scarce [and in some parts, it alreadys has, hence this terrorism crap which is really a pretext to control the middle east and therefore, oil] who do you think is going to suffer first?

    You think they're going to allow blacks to partake of something in so short a supply ahead of whites?

    They'll simply release whatever genotype specific biological weaponry they've been working on and when we start dropping like flies, make out as though they are dumbfounded as to what is causing it nevermind how to fight it, just as they did and continue to do with AIDS and Ebola.

    Africa? Afrika? Afaraka??....SURVIVAL!

    How do we survive, support Africa.
    If you attempt to build anything without first making sure Africa [your home] is strong and in Patriotic African hands, they will eventually do the same thing to you that they did to Jews during World War II.

    The Jews were powerful just before Nazi Germany and it was all taken in the twinkling of an eye, with little warning.

    One day, they were pillars of the community, business owners, innovators, entrepreneurs with families, responsibilities, dreams...lives, the next, they were straining to hold their breaths for as long as they could in gas chambers made to resemble showers.

    And those feudal elites of Europe whose deranged belief systems led to WWII are still there behind the scenes working quietly.