The Front Porch : How and why did you pick your name

How and why did i choose my name?

I didn’t, it chose me. I was writing one day
and my Guides said, always give your
readers a total view of who you are.
Then, some readers flipped it on me
and explained to me that my work provided
atotalview of what I was capable of seeing.
By the time, I came to, My intent
was to adhere to both meanings, so I dropped the “A”
and kept TotalView and let my readers decide
which technique I was employing.

Look at me sharing!


Eye am very easy on the eyes

Been here so long and never seen this thread.

When a person comes into the knowlege of self through the Nation of Gods and Earths, they draw up righteous names. I come in the righteous name of Precise Infinite Peace Allah. Without getting super mathematical, my name is a representation of who I am. My delivery is precise, my potential is infinite, my thought process is to preserve peace and I am this manifestation of the most high.



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