The Front Porch : How and why did you pick your name

Enki was a Sumerian God,he was lord of all Gods. And after 6 generation of gods the lesser gods refused to do their duties such as work the land.So the complained to Enki(they were basically lazy)and asked if he could create a slave to do their work for them. So Enki, created man in clay pots and set him upon the earth.
Nyne Elementz came from soul searching. I used tobe IcedFire back in 2000 on a site called, a black advice forum run by a sista in Chicago. I posted poems there and posted in the relationships forum. Then after some thought, I realized I took on more than just the traits of fire and ice. I discovered nine basic ones:

and Heart

And after naming those basic personality traits, certain combinations created others, but the number 9 is the highest number in any number place. So I took the I out of nine and replaced it with y, making Nyne, then just added z at the end of Elementz. Thus, Nyne Elementz.
My name here in destee is DEEPY. I took it as a memorial to my brother, He died this year...and was the last living sibling i had..He was actually called deepstuff by all of us when we were very young and that slowly ebbed into deep or deepy.
I am not a male...definitely female...but the name became genderless.....A homage to a very together and deep brother.
So manyof you have interesting names...I wondered if any of you would share how and why the choices you made. as well as pronunciation (phoentically please). Are they names that have to do with the political self, spiritual self, etc...
Hi Deepy, the name i've chosen is butterfly#1 (#1 only becuz, butterfly is already taken here)....Over the past several years, the
despair im my life at times was too much to bear from the deaths of several close relatives. the butterfly is the sign of new
beginnings, and thats what I've chosen as my path for the remainder of my life. Remembering the memories..but starting over with
a new beginning!!
It's just beautiful how everyone name is so unique and full of
life meanings thankz family for sharing how and why your name

Keep it coming family we like to know why and how your name
became apart of you


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