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I chose my username because for one I am from Louisiana and two of course because I am black. Being from Louisiana and especially being from the part I am from. We are considered to be black cajuns and creoles. Like most blacks, we are all mixed no matter where your from, but especially in Louisiana. The blood runs a little more thinner there. The Haitian background an culture is embedded deep in Louisiana. In particular New Orleans

Now as far as my name goes.. Zydeco means

Zydeco (French: "les haricots" or "le zaricot", English: "green beans" or "snap beans") is a form of American roots or folk music. It evolved in southwest Louisiana in the early 19th century from forms of Creole music. The rural black Creoles of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas still sing in Louisiana Creole French.

Wikipedia (2011) Zydeco, Retrieved from: WIkipedia

.......Thanks for sharing ZYDECO, always good to know the backdrop on screen names...:)

Very interesting Zydeco,

I have a very dear and absolutly beautiful friend, inside and out from Slidale, LO and she is creole as well. Welcome to the family.


Lol, just so you'll know and im not trying to pick on you. Im not neccesary Creole, but do have those roots in my family line closer to me in the tree. I am what you may say a caramel skinned black male, but most people believe creoles are fair skinned or of lighter shades which is totally not true. Haitians and other carribean island natives have a huge amount of creole background. But it's spelled "Slidell", LA and it is just about 20 miles north of New Orleans


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