The Front Porch : [Hov Music] - Allow Me 2 1st Introduce Myself...


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Aug 22, 2021
My Names C... E 2 Da O,
@CurtisEOriginal For Those That Don't Know,

Got My Name From Some Rasta's,
Talking That Leader Like, Hot Type Of Boss Flow...

Took Time, Yet Now Your Getting Know,

I'm The One Talking Big S*** From An Acute Angle.

Jumped In The Game, With Nothing To Claim,

Yet, With All Topics Up For Play,
Like Holding Multi Hands In A Game...

It's @CurtisEOriginal You Can Find Me On The Gram,
Twitter Same Way, Where Ever People Hang,

My Flow Is The Tightest,
Visions Be The Highest,
Tightrope Tactics In A World Of Sin,
Down To Pay The Price,
For The Progress In Practice,
I'd Risk It All, We Have Us Win...

Tired Of Playing Victim,
Known To Stand Out,
Steady, Ready, Prepared,
To Turn Around Clout,

What Do I Have, Need & Want,
Just A Chance, To Shine Light,
Figure Some **** Out,
Overcome Obstacles, Like Hurdle Jumps,
Time To Set New Records Now...

What I Be On?
That High Tier, Boss Talk, Leader Type Level,
With Plenty Opportunity Around In Dark Corners In Your Town,
I'mma Speak Simple & Clear, It's Time 2 Win Now,

Not Time 4 Doubt, Just Disciplined Minds & Action Steps,
From Internet 2 In The Flesh, Reasoning & Riding On All,
Real, Honest & Planned Out...

So That's Me The Infamous Unknown,
Coming Live & Direct On DESTEE,
To Contribute & Build Now.

Take Time To Approach & Ask Your Strongest Question?
I Got Comments & Solutions,
Like How Microsoft Got Computers,

Same Way...
I Can Monetize, Out Of The Mess...
Contribute To The Culture,
Earn Out Of The Endless, Struggle, Pain & Torture,

The West Got You Tripping,
Sitting On The Porch,
I'mma Show You How To...
Stay Up On That Front Step,
& Figure Some **** Out!!

The Conscious, Capable, Community & Crowd Watchers,
Wait For A Reply, Or Contact Me @CurtisEOriginal

Marcus Said, Put The Black Man 2 Work,
I Capable To Create, Collab & Combine The Wealth,

What You Doing???
To Much Potential 2 Prosper Sitting On The Shelf!!!


P.S. - Hi, Just A Creative, Quirky Attempt @ An Intro Here On Destee, BARSSS!!! :)
Hope To Connect, Build & Find Some Great People, Hit Me Up, As I'm On Socials Finally Now :)
I'm A Late 80's Degree Grad, 10Year Professional In Business, Finance & Banking, Keen Self Development & Improving Person, In Both Understanding The Past, Planning
The Future, & Actualizing The/Our Dreams...

Hit Me Up 4 All Kinds Of Areas,
From Opportunity(Job/Work) & (Biz/Investment) - Getting Extra Income Or Making It Grow.
For My Skillset - Leadership / Management & Planning (Biz/Commerce) & (Community) - Advisory Board Ideas, Mentoring & Motivation + Advice / Services 2 Pull Your Community Ideas Into Blueprint Plans Of Actions...

If You Hit Me On The Gram Or Twitter: Just DM Me: DESTEE






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